UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Joe Biden's snub for sure Brexit deal is lamentable after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's visit to the White House did not exactly pan out. Difficulties with dealing with the Biden administration, starting with the concessions with the Afghan pullout, the US is not mindful of the special relationship with the UK.

The UK is looking for free trade deals outside of the EU that will benefit it. Except for the heat generated by AUKUS, that affects its relationship with some EU members.

But a backup to getting a deal with the US is for the UK foreign secretary is to make inroads with Mexico to recommend it in a major international trade pact.

 UK PM's visit aims Free Trade Deal with US

Just fresh from the UN General Assembly in New York, with UK prime minister, the new foreign secretary will have other itineraries on her schedule, reported the Daily Mail.

After talking with the UK prime minister, the US president shot down any chance to get free trade deal as one of the closest US allies. At one point, no one got input from Biden, and he passed questions to Johnson, wasting a chance to air his thoughts. But Truss will be heading to Mexico to offset the White House brushing off the UK.

UK officials are not pleased over Washington's thumbs down after the bitter disappointment over the no deal with the US, which UK officials say losing the US-Mexico-Canada trade had another option. This development was scoured by experts and perceived as a loss of confidence in the US for not giving consideration. Joe Biden's snub for sure Brexit deal is a letdown for UK efforts.

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To minimize the wasted efforts of the UK for a free trade agreement (FTA), the fallback is the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). But the foreign secretary will not miss the chance to improve the current deal with Mexico that was affected after Brexit.

UK Foreign secretary in Mexico for FTA

The members of the CPTPP are predominantly Asian countries, the largest economic bloc in the Indo-Pacific area, cited Sky News.

Last February, the UK asked for entry to the FTA, and in June, the CPTPP said their joining process would commence.

Foreign secretary Truss said that improved ties with Mexico would include economic, security, and diplomatic links that encapsulate free enterprise and trade. She added that by shifting its pivot to Mexico despite the US snub, it would be a gateway to enter the CPTPP, one of the world's largest free trade deals, noted the Financial Times.

Furthermore, better relations with Mexico will have more considerable potential to open more business opportunities and have a role in the Indo-Pacific region. Ms. Truss added that a new embassy would be inaugurated in Mexico City, as the old one in 2017 was damaged.

Joe Biden's snub for sure Brexit deal has knocked down any deal the week earlier and had imposed on Northern Ireland's post-Brexit trade rules.

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