Kamala Harris has expressed grave concerns over the cruel treatment that the Haitian migrants are receiving at the hands of law enforcement officers in the United States.

After seeing videos taken by Reuters and Al Jazeera, it became evident that law enforcement officers on horseback are employing aggressive tactics to prevent the Haitian migrants from crossing into the country.

Harris' chief spokesperson, Symone Sanders shared Harris' thoughts on the matter.

"The Vice President raised her grave concerns about the mistreatment of Haitian migrants by border patrol agents on horses, and the need of all (Customs and Border Protection) agents to treat people with dignity, humanely and consistent with our laws and our values," she said in a statement via CNN.

According to the publication, the statement shows Harris' involvement in the issue because Joe Biden tasked her to address the root causes of migration from Central America.

The publication also stressed that it's rare for the White House to read out individual statements made by the vice president and the administration members.

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Kamal Harris in talks with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Sanders also confirmed that Harris has already spoken to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week. The latter also shares the same concern as Harris and has vowed to update the vice president on the matter.

"Secretary Mayorkas also spoke with the Vice President about the efforts DHS has underway to address the humanitarian needs of people at our border in Del Rio through the provision of food, shelter, clothing, and medical care, as well as engagement with non-governmental and international organizations," Sanders said in  Daily Mail.

Harris is also asking the help of Mayorkas to ensure that Border Patrol agents will treat the Haitian migrants with dignity.

Why are Haitian migrants trying to cross the border?

Haitian migrants are trying to cross the border into the United States to seek a better life.

According to Reuters, the deportations came amid the profound instability in the Caribbean nation. A presidential assassination, rising gang violence, and a major earthquake have also affected the lives of the residents.

However, the U.S. authorities prevent the Haitian migrants from getting into the country via the Mexican border. Over 500 Haitians have already been deported back to their homeland.

Mexico has also started flying migrants away from the U.S. border. And some have been sent away by bus towards the Guatemalan border.

Joe Biden's handling of the situation dubbed as a disaster

Joe Biden is being criticized due to his handling of the situation at the border. After photos and videos of the Haitian migrants being attacked surfaced, his opponents also slammed the POTUS.

However, the administration said they already pulled out the agents that mistreated Haitian migrants from their front-line duties.

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