In World War II, Nazi leaders were obsessed with a race that they based their ideals on, so their top officials decided to find out the source of the Aryan race one and for all.

The search of the Aryans was based on unverified mythologies that mentioned a superior human race far back in prehistory. Before the second world war hostilities, learning the secrets of this superior race was necessary for the third Reich.

Hitler and the search for the superior human race

According to Vaibhav Purandare, a historian and writer of Hitler and India, the Nazis were deadly serious and organized a group of secret fact finders just like in modern-day who went to India on an eccentric search to look for the origin of the Aryan creed, which is an interesting part that was never common knowledge at that time, reported the Daily Star.

Purandare told the BBC when Hitler was the Fuhrer, he thought without research or evidence that the Nordic, also known as Aryans, had migrated to India about 1,500 years in the past. They later were co-mixing with the locals when they got to the country.

As mentioned in his speeches several times, India was despised by the Fuhrer, but India held nothing for him. A turning point for the question of the so-called superior race was in 1938. Heinrich Himmler had decided to investigate the fascist-legend finally.

Nazi leaders tasked a five-person group to look into the source of the Aryan race before doing the same thing over the fictional Atlantis, but no details exist about this odd search.

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Nazi views Aryan as purest elusive race

According to what the Nazis knew about their superior race, the pure Aryans who arrived in India earlier but later migrated to another place. Next, it is Tibet, where they moved to a time ago, but other than that, it is a dead-end.

Other authors than Purandare dabble into this conspiracy theory more, leading to more misconceptions. At one point, they thought the Germans were crazy enough to believe the elusive Yeti was the Aryan missing link. No one knows about the German Aryan seekers or their exact orders, but they were in Sri Lanka first, went to India, and followed Tibet. The Indian author remarks the British were not keen on allowing the Germans passage into India, in circa 1938, the Times of India published a headline that the Gestapo arrived, cited the Independent.

They could go to Tibet at the end of 1938 when locals did not want them there. One thing to note is that the group tasked to look for the super-race was flying the swastika flag, originally an Asian symbol, but the Nazis made it hated.

In Tibet, it did not have the western connotation. It's called 'yungdrung', which for Hindus and Buddhists, means a symbol of drawing good luck and fortune, with the emblem on homes, in temples, street corners, even tempos or trucks too.

The Germans were treated well by the Tibetans, who had no idea what the Nazis cared for. In August 1939, the war broke out, ending the expedition, but the examinations of the Tibetan were done. About 200 artifacts were returned, but the bombing destroyed them in 1945. The Nazi leaders in World War two were occupied, and the source of the Aryan race was unheard of later.

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