This unknown Fly Trap structure was connected to secret tunnels whose purpose was never deciphered by anyone. Most were conspiracy theories about the true nature of the unknown structure. Some experts speculate it was used to launch exotic vehicles.

According to sources the exotic arched and circle structure is a component of Project Riese operation. This unknown super-secret complex of tunnels was dug up by a prisoners from camp in German Control Poland.

Shrouded in mystery

One that makes people so confused is why the Riese tunnels were even made. What did the Nazis do that forced them to destroy all documents and materials with the arrival of Soviets troops after losing the war? Did the complex hold secrets that had to be kept out of Soviet hands? These questions emerge as people questions the tunnel's existence, according to the Daily Mail.

A program was aired on UKTV that included a series of interviews with historians and archeologists giving a non-layman opinion. Speaking about the tunnels underneath and the "Stonehenge" shapes is an attempt to understand its nature beyond conspiracy theories until now. This is also known as Hitler's weird Stone Henge that hide secret tunnels for an obscure function.

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In one of the episodes of Secret Nazi Bases, the Forensic archaeologist Robert Sparling indicates that Hitler's scientists may have experimented with technology that allows aircraft to float like anti-gravity. One of the weird developments might propulsion that uses energy, not jets or propellers to move in any direction, citing the Daily Star.

He added the "Stonehenge" or Flytrap shape is linked to the device that holds up the exotic vehicle and launches it allegedly. These are just some of the ideas surrounding it, nothing is verified yet.

Germany was way ahead technologically?

Several theories about what happened at the structure and tunnels which has alleged to precursors of future vehicles like helicopters, and nuclear project for weaponizing the atom. Another is experiments for anti-gravity devices which is way beyond technology in WWII.

One unverified claim of Polish project manager Krzysztof Szpakowski, said that he did work in the tunnels and something odd happened. One employee's mobile phone rang deep in the tunnels, even if it was not possible to get a signal there, noted Dinestle.

Szpakowski thinks that electrical impulses were caused by exotic technology back then in the tunnels, which might be working but there's no proof of that assumption. How it connected with the phone was never understood or explained.

It took more than 5,000 to 13,000 captive laborers to build it which included 10-year-old children. Many of them were digging tunnels in Lower Silesia, and many died from overwork as they forced labor to death.

The building of the Riese tunnels started in 1943 with Germany losing and the Fuhrer wanting to continue with any project to win. The complex was carved from igneous rock which was hardened from allied bombing, Riese was kept secret and known to few only.

Inside the tunnel was a 36-foot ceiling that would be enough space for large weapons and exotic machines to be built later on. Patrick Ney a World War II expert suggested the Riese complex hid secrets, important secrets. Hitler's weird Stone Henge hide secret tunnels which might have house X-planes that were created by the Nazis.

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