Vladimir Putin calls President Joe Biden's violation of international law; this comes as the failed US foreign policy has caused Kabul's fall. The Kremlin leader takes a shot at the weakening grip of the US in international affairs.

The current US administration is now in the crosshairs of Putin and Xi Jinping, testing the limits of Joe Biden to further cause a downslide of the US after the Afghan fall.

For most Americans, the Biden White House has not protected interests abroad which is confounding national security. It is comparable to what the feeling and sentiment in 9/11.

Putin pushes Biden on his foreign policy

Recently, the Russian President took a jab at the US president for allowing US troops in Syria to stay. According to him, it is damaging to international law compared to illegal occupation, reported the Express UK.

Putin further turned the screws on the flagging support for the US by saying US troops on Syria soil prevent normalcy from returning, noted the Republic. These were the remarks aimed at the US administration when he spoke with Syria's President Bashar-al-Assad, last Monday.

The US has been stationed in the Kurd-controlled east and northeastern Syria, with about 900 troops. These US forces are helping the Kurds in the fight against the Islamic State to secure US interests. Turkish forces are present in the north and northwest, where the last fortress of those opposed against Al-Assad.

US presence is imposed, not UN-sanctioned

The basis for the Vladimir Putin's critique that the US is infringing on international law is because the UN has no participation or approval. Usually, the UN approves, but the US does not have Damascus's blessings either, which the failed US foreign policy gets a hit.

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Russia has legalized its presence in the country, which will need to be dealt with by the State Department. Putin stated bluntly to the Syrian leader on the matter, which shows that president Biden is defying international law but staying to oppose the country's legitimate leader. He stressed that allowing Syria to settle its own concerns would it stop the war and bloodshed due to continual fighting. The United States should step out, now.

If Russia had not intervened during 2015 in the decade-long conflict, that kept Al-Assad from getting knocked from power. Moscow's military intervention pushed the advantage to Damascus, then to the overrun of the Kurdish dissidents, spoke the Kremlin Leader.

Russian forces

A large force of Russian forces is in Syria, with a military base on the Mediterranean coast which is allowed by Al-Assad, noted AP News.

Experts are concerned about Putin's intent to see how well Joe Biden, the foreign policy expert, can stay in Syria. But, notwithstanding how Afghanistan went sideways, that leaves everyone concerned. It shows that he's not getting 100% support. Add to the perception that the Taliban and even Syria might be on planned attacks against US military personnel. The death of 13 marines has dealt with demoralization in military ranks.

According to Neil Quillian of the Chatham House, Vladimir Putin would push Biden to make more mistakes due to his failed US foreign policy. It might make it worse for the US president.

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