In an interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Simmons of NBC, he repeated what Biden said that Putin was a killer, asking him for a response. But the Russian leader just laughed.  

It was not a neutral interview

The interview was not exactly neutral since his answers called indirectly. Putin remarked that during his term, many have said many things about him, the US leaders' remarks were trite and did not surprise him.

He told the correspondent, as reported by the Daily Mail,"In terms of strong rhetoric, I guess it is a representation of American culture in general." Of course, there are some inherent fundamental things in Hollywood like chauvinism - which might be regarded as cinematic art. However, it is considered normal in US political culture. 'By the way, but not here; it's not usual."

The interview was held before the Summit between the Russian leader and the current US president on June 16 in Geneva. To recall, Donald Trump was also asked the same question if the Russian head of state was a killer wherein he responded with a tactful answer but Biden choose to antagonize Russia's head of state.

Later Putin challenged his accuser to a debate, but the White House said he will not. Putin mocks Biden as a common "career politician" based on how he does things.

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During the interview, Simmons remarked that the question did not get a direct answer from the Russian President. He cited that he's been accused too many times, especially when it concerns counter-terrorism events in Northern caucuses.

Putin further added that the Russian people's interests are important. In regards to labeling, that's not something Putin is worried about.

Fishing for reactions

Simmons then mentioned a list of Putin critics that died in suspicious circumstances. Alexander Litvinenko, died of radiation poisoning in London in 2006, and Mikhail Lesin was assassinated in Washington, DC in 2015. These are among those who were killed on alleged orders from the Kremlin.

To this, the ex-KGB operative, now leader, noted by NBC News said,"Look, I'm not intending to be nasty, and this looks like indigestion to me, only it's verbal indigestion.You've mentioned several people who, for different reasons, suffered and died at the hands of different people."

According to Evan Osnos, Biden's biographer who spoke of the meeting in 2011 at the Kremlin, mentioned by Reuters. Biden said to the Russian leader," I'm peering into your eyes, Mr. Prime Minister, and I don't think you have a soul."

He added,"And he grinned and looked back at me, and he said, 'We know each other.' This is the type of person he is!"

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