Afghanistan is getting worse as Taliban terrorists murdered a woman with her child as an example to anyone daring to question their domination. The woman's death comes as the terrible extremists begin a bloody crackdown to sow fear and cow Afghans to submissiveness.

The mullahs did not like women protesting for their rights, and the Talibs have often broken their word to respect rights. Anyone willing to oppose the mullahs might be a target to be silenced in due time, with no respect for human rights.

Protesting Afghan women are targets of this regime

Farwa, age 30 with three children, died as she joined fellow Afghan women on the streets for protest. Many of them know, the terrorist militant will not hesitate to go after anyone and kill them. She was shot dead two days later in cold blood, reported Au News Chant.

This execution is another example of their extreme reaction to Afghans reacting to their lawless regime. Not satisfied, they would go house to house and look for dissident and end their lives on the spot. The country's population is living in fear knowing the Taliban may come to their doorstep to commit atrocities against them, noted the Daily Star.

Farwa's brother, Rohullah Hossaini, mentioned that his sister was at her home when she heard a cry for help outside in the street. Her spouse begged her to stay inside at all costs but went outside with her infant, who is just six months old, with her three-year-old son running behind. Taliban terrorists murdered a woman with her children who survived.

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Running straight to a Taliban-style execution, they killed her on the spot, and the toddler saw his mother murdered by the Jihadis brutally.

The spouse covered his slain wife's corpse with his own body, told the traumatized boy that his mother was asleep. Their eldest child, a six-year-old boy, knows his mother was killed, while his brother was confused.

Brutal awakening for her children

Mr. Hossaini said that his younger son kept asking when his mother would be awake, the infant was sent to hospital in the morning. Hossaini remarked the baby is crying all the time and not eating too much. The baby shook all the time after the bang when Farwa was shot dead. Farwa's brother provided no pictures of his wife. His brother-in-law is stupefied at the cold killing of his sister. He added the brother was banging his head on the wall.

Who shot the victim is unknown, and the brothers are going around to find out who killed their sister. But, Farwa's spouse says revenge is not correct now, another time. Hossaini stated whether his wife was shot because of him, adding he advocates for refugees. Another is whether she was targeted after joining the march, cited the NZ Herald.

The family took Farwa's body to jihadis for explanations, asked if she was part of the march, answering yes to the question and something about not going to the rally ever again. They still do not know who had shot Farwa, wanting to find out who exactly did. It is no surprise the Taliban terrorists murdered a woman with her child. For them, dissenters are fair game and subject to the threat of death.

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