The cruel Taliban burned a woman alive for bad cooking as more atrocities against Afghans have been reported. These beastly Jihadi are committing crime after crime against civilians that is pure lawlessness, saying their actions are based on the Sharia.

They have taken over the country and keeping civilians against their will by blocking access to the airport. Many have been brutalized by the extremists who want to get out of the country, and now many are in danger of getting killed by vengeful mullahs.

The Taliban did not respect promises not to harm anyone, and they are turning Kabul into howling wilderness due to the Biden administration's ineptitude.

Afghan women are deprived of rights

These Muslim Jihadists are getting women from communities and taking them as sex slaves; some are transported in coffins to other countries, as reported by the Mirror UK.

According to Najla Ayoubi, a former judge in Afghanistan and the chief of the coalition and global programs at Every Woman Treaty that reports violent atrocities against women, these heartless Jihadists are ramping up the violence in the country.

Metro UK cited that one female victim was cruelly torched because she cooked badly for Taliban occupiers. They are forcing people to give them something to eat and even cook for them.

They were busy hoarding countless young women sent into slavery to surrounding countries in the last few weeks. Practicing trafficking of women is done by these vile extremists, cited the Hindustan Times.

Ayoubi remarked the Taliban would force families at gunpoint to give up young daughters to their uncouth men. These are some of the many atrocities suffered under their despotic rule. The most recent is when the Taliban burned a woman alive is a glaring show of bestial ruthlessness.

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Under their lawless rule, a female judge or females with powerful positions will be 'nothing' in the nightmare whenever they takeover.

Women's rights are now ignored as the west was turned aside after President Biden's flawed withdrawal of US troops. Ignoring calls for women's equality, they are keen to deny employment and changed the law undemocratically with a gun instead. So, women need a man, preferably wherever they go, and powerless to stop being brutalized and murdered by their spouses and male relatives.

No one thinks there is sincerity in the Taliban, professing no violence or peaceful transfer of power. Their violent group has never respected agreements or deals. They do not hesitate to demonstrate they can terrorize or do inhumane things to others on social media.

Cruelty in Afghanistan

Nothing else showed the fear for the ruthless Jihadists when babies were given to US and British troopers catching them, handed over by desperate parents who know their children will be killed.

Biden's shocking denial is that people running at a C-17 US cargo plane take off to leave while civilians hang on the wheels for dear life.

Taliban Jihadists are raping caught women, killing who they assume are their enemies as their reign of terror continues. They even killed an ISIS ex-leader in prison too. Taliban forgot promises, and they went on a terror campaign that is considered their enemy.

Some reports women who were taken by evil Jihadis who would rape them.

The cruel Taliban burned a woman alive shows the corruptness of this vile organization that wants to offer its vengeance after 20-years on the receiving end. Unfortunately, they like to torment women in many ways like dismemberment, rape, murder, and that is a despicable crime.

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