The Taliban betrays their promise not to murder civilians. Self-proclaimed Jihadi fanatics are once again doing what they did after getting routed in 2001, seeing a chance to terrorize Afghan civilians ruthlessly.

Suspected traitors who helped the allies are killed by the violent fanatics who are throwing the bodies into mass graves. Reports from Kabul said that they are stematically going on a vendetta to eliminate all who opposed them.

Many Afghans live in fear from the violent reprisal of these extremists who are not tolerant of norms approved by them, including the violent oppression of women.

Taliban cruelty apparent in Kabul

After the fall of Kabul and its eventual Taliban occupation, many civilians are stampeding to get out. Starting Sunday, the radical Jihadis are liable to harm civilians, which they are known to do, reported the Mirror UK.

They have been declared tolerant, despite the extreme doctrine that has resulted in women being shot and mutilated for not following their rules. The Taliban promised no revenge on their enemies, locals, or foreigners, but on the contrary, their actions have said more than enough.

Most controversial is they said they would respect women's rights according to Islamic law, but they have not been keen on it.

The southern province of Kandahar is proof that the Taliban cannot be trusted, as atrocities are reported to be happening, cited the Daily Star.

A news tabloid obtained pictures of the extremists tossing bodies into ditches, and some are Muslims who are without the privilege of burial rituals. Taliban betrays promise not to murder civilians is what they did.

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Alleged traitors killed by Taliban

The extreme Jihadis are persecuting anyone who they claim traitors their cause, which can cost lives. They target former Afghan government associates, soldiers, NATO, NGOs, and reporters on the ground; many are at risk of getting killed.

Organized crime and counter-terrorism expert David Otto, Global Risk International, said it was the usual terrorist tactic to sow and create fear from getting resistance from anti-Taliban groups to form a stiff push back. The Jihadis feed on fear to control populations they oversee.

Cruelty and brutality are tools to spread fear from resistance, leaving resistant citizens defeated when news of Afghan force soldiers is executed. This adds to senseless abuse of power to arrest, coerce, and wholesale murder that allows an easy victory noted Headtopics.

No one knows what violent Jihadis will do to any government member or official. Many of the opponents are gathered up without the benefit of due process. Subject to Taliban lawlessness, that means execution is a definite option.

Otto said the American defeat, and if Jihadis are isolated, which is deadlier to international peace and security, having the military hardware left by US forces and personnel who might be forced at gunpoint to cooperate.

Extremists will have resources and power, even train terrorists like al-Qaeda and give support to further knowledge. They are even exporting terrorism to other countries to attack US interests.

It is a bleak outlook that is not far from possible, as the current US administration is one factor in this dangerous predicament.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is very concerned about how women will be treated under their despotic rule. The people of Afghanistan cannot be left to suffer, as the Taliban betrays promise not to murder civilians.

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