Vladimir Putin reveals Platform-M Robotic combat tanks at the disposal of the Russian army. These are touted as the latest weapons with the new Sarmat-2 tactical vehicles to modernize Russian forces in a great power competition.

Russia and Belarus are undertaking a massive wargame very close to the borders of the EU. Earlier, NATO and the US held similar drills in the Black Sea, with an intrusion of the HMS Defender with assistance from a US spy plane close to Crimean waters. This military movement is only one posturing by both sides, rankling over military issues the past few months.

Wargames on EU borders

Current wargames are set to end on Thursday with many units from Russia and the Belarusian Army. The Zapad-2021 is one of the largest drills approved by Moscow to showcase military might, reported the Express UK.

Including are 200,000 troops, 80 planes with helicopters, and 15 maritime ships, lastly are 300 tanks, said the Ministry of Russian Defense. These exercises also include showcasing robotic tanks and even the new Sarmat-2 units; the first time used touted by the Russian media, noted by the Financial Times.

When possible, Putin reveals that the Platform-M Robotic combat tanks will replace troops armed with grenade launchers and machine guns to engage ground troops, which is remotely controlled by an operator distantly.

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Present among officials was Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian dictator who observed the wargames last Sunday. He seemed to be ready for war. The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, wore a green military battle dress, seeing the drills in the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground.

Later, the president remarked that it is one of the most crucial drills by two-armed forces against what is perceived as saber-rattling by the west against Russia and his country.

Putin's drills are rattling NATO members

The Russian leader said he would be checking on the exercises next week, which he deemed necessary. NATO has been very active in the region recently as these drills also bring a message to them, noted the Daily Mail

Zapad-2021 has caused tension to NATO members within the west borders of Belarus. Estonia is rattled and said the drill was an opening act for a full Russian invasion of the country anytime.

The chief of the Estonian Defence Forces, Martin Herem, stated concern about the nature of the joint drills at the borders. He added that it was not far from imaginable should the Russian military launch a full invasive assault on Estonia. It may not come soon, but it can happen years from now.

Russia does not want to lord over the country. There is no interest in occupation or control by the Kremlin. Its end goal is to destabilize and influence from the destabilization. Herem said that his country was part of the USSR before it dissolved. There is a significant Russian minority based in the eastern part living there.

After the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, Vladimir Putin vowed he would do anything to protect Russians from harm anywhere. So, far he has kept his word which is troubling, that he invoked the doctrine of self-defense. When Putin reveals Platform-M Robotic combat tanks in the Zapad-2021, he gives the west notice that it's playing for keeps.

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