The Kremlin shakes the West as Putin touts his fear-inducing nuclear torpedo exposed by satellite intel recently.

Recent events from the HMS Defender, with activity from NATO fleets in the Black Sea, Crimean waters, have prompted the Russian leader to broadcast new weaponry to the NATO alliance, especially the US. An image of a colossal torpedo armed with a nuclear warhead that the Russian forces possess is causing concern for western strategists.

Poseidon is Russia's latest superweapon

The world has witnessed hypersonic weapons, advanced submarines, a new stealth fighter, and even plans for robotized weapons as future weapons roll out at the Kremlin's behest in the past few months. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has leaked out the newest superweapon that his country developed. A torpedo as long as a bus called ominously 'Poseidon' has a nuke warhead and can propel itself to the target, reported the Express UK.

When the Russian leader revealed the development of Poseidon in 2015, western security experts have scrambled to know more about it. Pictures of the torpedo give an idea of how it will attack. The issue is how it will go deep and fast in the water to reach its target, noted CNN.

Introducing such a weapon in the Russian arsenal is another category of nuclear-tipped weapons that is not traditional, adding this nuke torpedo to the new set of supersonic and hypersonic missiles. It would bring cold sweat to western powers, especially to the US.

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State of the art weapons to equal the US

Within a short number of years, Putin has nudged the warfighting potential of Russian military forces with updated weaponry, support bases, and infrastructures. The rocket design bureau NPO Mashinostroyenia has pioneered advanced rocket technology capable of striking ground targets from a sea-based launch from 1,000 kilometers away.

An image taken from Maxar Technologies early in the month has confirmed the ship Akademik Aleksandrov is adapted to deploy the Poseidon. The facility's location is on the north shore, Dvina River, close to the edge of the White Sea. This quay started in 2018 and was completed in 2020.

Images show a large building close to the port that might be for the Poseidon operations. The deadly torpedo will be used by new submarines developed to carry it, cited Popular Mechanics.

One of the submarines used to deploy the weapon is the K-329 Belgorod, which is docked at the new pier. Another submarine, Khabarovsk, is under construction close by. An earlier submarine, the Sarov (B-90) in 2007, was in service with the ability to fire the size of the torpedo.

Recent reports state that the Severodvinsk shipyard builds a new generation of a submarine that can use the Poseidon superweapon. Russian military developers are creating ships and submarines to carry advanced weapons, which are also there. NATO allies are hobbled now as Putin touts his fear-inducing nuclear torpedo with new facilities to support it.

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