A Russian 'Top Secret Army' called Wagner, believed to be a shadow force of non-regular enlisted troops involved in dirty missions, is hinted. Their existence and activities were in the data of a digital device that point to this unofficial mercenary group. The tablet taken from Libya has info on the Wagner unit, and how this hush-hush unit operates in the army.

Putin's force of modern Vikings is engaged in operations that these soldiers can do, which are black ops that regular units are forbidden from.

Wagner as a mercenary group for Kremlin

Data on the tablet about this ultra-covert unit mentions the pay is almost ten times more due to the nature of their missions. Typically there are rules of engagement for troopers; however, they are allowed to do anything accord to the tablet captured in the western Libyan warzone, reported the Daily Star.

Wagner is not acknowledged as part of the Russian army and is mainly a mercenary group for the Kremlin. A punishment in Russia exists for being a mercenary with stiff penalties, but Putin deploys them anywhere.

Still, at least 10,000 Wagner recruits have taken at least one contract in seven years, noted by the BBC.

Sources say that one of the mercenaries serving in Libya had left a Samsung tablet in a warzone there, and the BBC has acquired the digital device. By all indications, this unit has support from the highest echelons of the Russian government.

A Russian 'Top Secret Army' called Wagner has been busy with operations worldwide, and the Kremlin will not admit it exists.

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Details about Wagner as 'Top Secret Army'  

One unnamed former Wagner operatives mention that all the members are in for higher pay than ordinary soldiers. Many of these troopers are from the fringes because of the low income in their communities.

He added that all the soldiers were paid substantially more once they qualify as unit members. One more ex-Wagner said their comrades were like 'modern-day Norsemen.

Joining the mercenary group is more secretive and very top secret for those interested who enlist. Most are short-term operatives only, not for long-term employment.

Recruits need to pass a strict set of physical tests and background checks on the recruit's history before getting to Wagner's boot camp close to Krasnodar, south of Russia, in an unmentioned Russian army base, citing the Daily Advent.

When done carrying out the training, the successful candidates are officially in the Wagner. They will be on a foreign mission but are told their corpses will not be brought home if they die in combat.

This shadow unit allows former criminals to join and serve, which is not permitted in the regular army.

One source said members of Putin's Vikings could torture and kill prisoners of war, with no fear of reprisal from superiors.

Additionally, all the Wagner soldiers have their pick of any war that the unit can fight in, discussing options. Choosing what can yield the best pay for the short-term contract, all countries will have a corresponding compensation.

According to BBC security adviser Chris Cobb-Smith, the Russian 'Top Secret Army' called Wagner is an unofficial part of Russia's military machine. Support is evident, too, since they have all resources available to them as well.

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