Tests of a robotic unmanned Ghost Ship 'Ranger' developed for use by the US Navy have added another maritime-based weapon system. The introduction of these ships to the Navy with the capability of unleashing missiles for offense or defense without losing precious manpower is one of its advantages.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has reportedly caused a furor over the test, which was not expected to be done so early. Carrying a load of missiles at a set location then following is programming based on the mission.

It was seen to get more missiles for offense or defense purposes, especially with the threat of Chinese missiles falling like hail on carrier strike groups.

Unmanned Ghost Ship 'Ranger'  minimizes casualties

The robotic ship known as 'Ranger' will help keep more marines alive in war and a simple way to add more vessels to naval strike groups. A concept similar to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used in the middle east by US forces, these ships are expendable but allow precise payload delivery on a chosen target, reported the Express UK.

Such a fearsome capability of the robotic unmanned Ghost Ship 'Ranger' is owned by the US even before other countries powers themselves to develop it. On Twitter, the DoD posted a video of the ghost vessel's recent test. It is part of the Ghost Fleet Overlord Unmanned Surface Vessel program of the US military.

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The video shows the robotic ship as it sails on the sea. On the deck are missiles launchers that fire the SM-6 missile. The maritime drone fired a single missile. Its main missile is the SM-6 or Standard Missile, which is made for naval use and costs $5million each.

AI controlled drones

Despite a move to control the use of killer drones in most conflicts, Russia simply does not agree in imposing controls or rules in its use, noted Defense One.

As a weapons system, these naval missiles are usable against all aircraft and even a cruise missile, plus being able to bombard surface targets on land or sea.

The DoD states the concept of an adaptable missile system that can be mounted on several platforms, including the robotic unmanned surface vehicle (USV), which adds more to modern combat strategies using drones.

Phantom fleet of unmanned ships

The ghost fleet is under development under the advanced capacities of the DoD's Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) in the Ghost Fleet Overlord Program.

This program is in the second part of its development that is expected to finish in 2022. At the beginning of 2020, the robot ship had sailed 4,700 nautical miles with no human on the vessel.

One of its initial voyages was from the Gulf Coast to the California Coast. All were autonomous, except for the trip to the Panama Canal with a crew. Jay Dryer, director of the SCO, called it a fantastic feat for AI-ships in the US Navy.

Dryer added it shows how the agency combines developed technologies to get more available capacities and capabilities to US forces.

One of the demos for the robotic Ranger drone ship was in the dawn Blitz drills with Naval and Marines units. It was 98% zero human input. The robotic unmanned Ghost Ship 'Ranger' USV worked for 130 hours and sailed 950 nautical miles primarily by Artificial Intelligence.

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