After the suicide bomber attack, Joe Biden sanctioned reprisals against suspected ISIS-K. 

However, a family is blown up instead in the US drone attack that was supposed to be vengeance for the fallen victims. The unintended victims of the drone attack come as accidental collateral damage to avenge the slain soldiers, and it has turned into another fiasco with the US leader's imprint.

What was supposed to salvage the current administration's woes have worsened; a mistake in determining the target cost innocent lives. There is no going back for the US president, as a drone attack he sanctioned killed a family of 10.

Family killed by US drone insteadof ISIS-K planner

The drone attack was supposed to avenge the US casualties in the suicide bomb attack, killing 13 US service members. Instead, this autonomous attack went awry and got ten people killed, including children, reported the Sun UK.

One of the mistakenly slain family relatives said that their loved ones died after a US military drone targeted a car that ended in tragedy.The US military thought it was an adversary but never got confirmation before continuing their attack, firing at the family regardless as the White House had given them the order.

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According to US officials, they gave the signal for the drones to launch their payload. The supposed targets are ISIS-K members in Khaje Bughra, Kabul. But it was an ill-advised attack with no one to confirm the target.

Children among the casualties of the US drone attack

Najibullah Ismailzada remarked that his brother-in-law, Zemarai Ahmadi, 38, had arrived from a Korean charity's work when a drone assault killed him, noted Al Jazeera.He got into the garage while his kid went out to see their dad before a missile hit the car close to Ahmadi's house. The car exploded and killed his sons Zamir, 20, Faisal, 16, and 12-year-old Farzad.

Ismailzada remarked that ten members of his family had been killed needlessly.One more relative, Ramin Yousufi, spoke to the BBC and expressed outrage at those who sanctioned the drone attack. He questioned why them, the children, saying the remains are unidentifiable, faces burnt out.

Emal Ahmadi, distraught, said his toddler daughter was killed with them. Saying they were standing by for a mobile call to evacuate. One of the dead, Ahmad Nasser, is a translator for the US Forces.
The brother of one of the deceased told CCN that they were a typical family. How can the US military make such a mistake? They weren't Isis or the Taliban.He stressed the drone attacked a family, not an insurgent, where his family stays, till they were fired on without warning.

According to the spokesperson for US Central Command, Capt Bill Urban, he knows of the operation that killed the family of 10 in Kabul. He said the loss of life was unfortunate. The explosion was powerful because more than enough explosive was packed in the car, which caused collateral damage.

The Pentagon press secretary John Kirby, on Monday, avoided the question of civilian casualties.He said they were still assessing the incident, saying that avoiding civilian deaths is a procedure for the US military. Everyone in the locality tried to help and douse the fire, after which six children were dead with two other wounded.

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