A beastly hyena tried to ambush an old man and the small dog. Had it not been for a man passing by, who drove it away with a stick, the victims may have suffered. Hyenas are usually scavengers, and attacking humans without cover is a bad sign that they might not be getting enough food.

Initially, the vicious animal hid in the bushes when the elderly man came close enough for the predator to ambush. The scene was captured on video, showing how it came out of nowhere, taking the old man by surprise but failed to get his chosen victim.

Hyena attacks a passerby

On cue, when a motorcycle passed by, it seemed all was clear when the vile beast attacked. But, it was fortunate that another person was able to whack the beast when it was close enough to grab the old man, reported the Sun UK.

Despite the menacing size of the wild hyena, the passerby was determined to shoo away the animal using a stick. Later after the failed ambush, it was seen about 28 miles from the scene of the attack. The man's dog was safe because it ran instead of protecting its owner. The ambush happened in the Kharpudi village of Khed taluka, Pune city in the state of Maharastra in India, noted the Times of India.

One of the officials from the forest department remarked the animal was hurt before trying to ambush the senior man. The beastly hyena attempted to ambush an old man and his dog but was driven off.

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An interview with the Deputy conservator of forest, Jayaramegowda R, who stated that the animal in the Kharpudi Village hurt one elderly man and biker, cited Future Tech Trends.

It is rare for a hyena to attack humans, said the forestry official. He added that they had gotten news indicating that the same animal was already attacking two people before the Kharpudi attack. One of the speculated reasons for the animal's death is the prior injury sustained, which made it irritable enough to attack the people. Officials said that they had begun the process of providing compensation for two injured people.

Tigers more likely to attack than hyenas

Experts would bet a tiger would try to kill or hurt a person in an ambush between hyenas and tigers attacking humans to eat them for food.

A year ago, a report of a huge Bengal Tiger chased after a handler, then jumped on the man from a 15-foot cage, and causing massive damage to the dead victim. In Tezpur, located in Assam, India, in November last year, it was tiger carnage. People were seen running madly for their lives with a tiger intent on eating their entrails. Footage shows several men running at a full sprint over the grass, on the corners of a dusty.

Another incident wherein one tiger is seen chasing people, with its large clawed paws hitting the ground behind them. Of the three, only two are lucky enough to be alive, not torn apart by the big cat. The tiger caught up, leaped on the victim's back, and ripped claws into his back, next to falling into the pit. It was flesh getting ripped and torn as the footage was recorded. When a beastly hyena tried to ambush an old man, he still survived with help, but a tiger would be instant death.

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