A man-eating leopard fatally attacks a five-year-old girl in an Indian province. Her parents mourn the brutal death. The girl was mauled to death and taken away by the beast. Remains were not intact when found.

A search of the area where the victim was taken concluded that the beast had removed the child's head, which was bitten off and was discovered 200 to 250 meters from the construction site. On-site are traps and cameras to catch the murderous big cat.

In Kanlog, Shimla, the girl was killed and eaten by the ferocious big cat. Interaction between humans and big cats has intensified as their homes had been invaded.

5 Year Old Snatched by Leopard from Home

Priyanka, five years old, her father is a laborer from Jharkhand, they are living in a construction site where he works, reported the Hindustan Times.

According to reports, the victim was with her grandmother, Sukhmati, when the leopard came. The big cat quickly took the girl from the hut they lived in, at 8:30 pm, said Krishan Kumar, Shimla wildlife Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), noted Times of India.

Sukhmati said that her grandchild was taken by the man-eater when the child was left outside and was snatched by the beast-alarmed by a falling bucket that caught her attention when she checked, she saw the child taken by the animal.

When a leopard fatally attacks a five-year-old but finding the head separated from the torso with bite marks defacing the severed head about 250 meters. News of the death sent locals into hysteria, who sounded the alarm, called attention to the wildlife officers as the child cannot be found.

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The action was taken by wildlife and forest department officials, with locals helping find the fearsome man-eater. Due to the loss of daylight, the search ended.

Parts of human remains are assumed to be Priyanka, but forensics need to examine it. There is a chance the feline had attacked more than one person, said the divisional forest officer assigned to the case. Kuma said the forensics department would compensate for the loss of a family member.

Leopards Have Learned to Kill People for Food

Usually, most leopards would avoid people and leave humans alone. But the authorities say that it has learned to kill people as a source of food. Once having a taste for human flesh, these big cats are dangerous.

Archana Sharma, who heads the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department, informed the media and sent teams to see if the girl is still alive and catch the man-slaying beast, cited Aninews. The Himachal Pradesh Forest Department provided indicated equipment to find and catch the crazed animal.

After the reported death of Priyanka at the man-eating beast's jaws and claws, the animal was roaming Khalini, Dhalli, Kanlog, Sanjauli, and the Five Benches of Shimla in the nighttime. Fear of the killer animal has worried nearby areas.

Last June 21, there was another incident, the same instance as the victim. Last June 21, another child was attacked while urinating but survived in the Krishna Nagar locality. Someone was able to save the child and trapped the animal in the outhouse. It was taken and tranquilized by the authorities.

Some Leopard fatally attacks a five-year-old, who is not as lucky as the June 21 incident that survived with a few injuries. But wild animals are always dangerous for humans.

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