An unfortunate man gets devoured by a tiger while he was going to the toilet. Speculation is that the large cat assaulted and wounded the logger fatally, dragging the victim in the forest where the animal would eat the logger, said the locals.

People were shocked when they could not find anything but just his innards all over, but not his body. A Siberian or Amur Tigress is assumed to have killed the Russian logger after seeing the carnage where he disappeared.

The unaware logger was mauled to death

The 41-year-old, Mikhail Shabaldin, was unbelievably taken while using the toilet on a work break in a remote Russian village where he vanished, reported the Daily Star.

Footprints of the tiger were found in Khabarovsk, that is, in eastern Russia that borders China.

A colleague took a video of the shocking location. They saw toilet paper all over the area, with his clothing and the innards. No one can say if the logger is still alive or his body still in one piece.

One of the big giant cats, Amur tigers, is oversized and will eat even humans and animals in Russia, China, and North Korea.

They are already almost extinct big cats, with only 700 of them left, with increased numbers due to protection efforts by Russian and China.

Authorities think the victim was caught unaware by the tiger after leaving his temporary lodgings close to the logging site. He needed to go to the toilet to relieve himself; that was his last. The man gets devoured by a tiger in the least expected places, note the Sun UK.

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Search parties are out to look for Shabaldin, and locals are not optimistic that he is still breathing or still in one piece.

It might be that a tigress attacked the man to feed him to her cubs, although a full investigation is in the process. He was on a 15-day logging shift when the logger went missing.

Shabaldin's wife, Elena, was told of her husband's fate. 

A friend of Shabaldin said he was sure about the poor man's fate. What they saw convinced him that the tiger would have eaten him because no corpse was found.

Most loggers are afraid of meeting these big cats but are often equipped without a firearm. One logger said that the predators are always seen, and they know it, cited Technotrdenz.

Tigers avoid human contact

According to the Amur Tiger Centre director Sergey Aramilev, the big cats don't bother humans and usually avoid contact. He said what happened to the missing logger is not yet definite.

He added tigers would avoid human areas. Even if the tiger is the king of the taiga, humans are mostly avoided because they fear them. A group of experts is examining the toilet where it allegedly happened.

These animals don't attack without reason, like hunger, provoked, either weak or sickly, that will make them attack. Any wild beast attacking a human is not usually from the wild but has been exposed to the human world.

Authorities will further investigate the incident to decide what to do; if they find out that tiger devoured man is not common, there must have been reasons.

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