The second world war, the fabled amber room worth £250m, was looted by Nazis. A group of divers will have a chance to discover what lies in the crates inside the sunken warship 'Karlsruhe,' which carried it.

It was for many years a mystery, and many have sought it but never found it until now. The secrets are just waiting for intrepid treasure hunters to claim the lost treasures. The discoverers have to go down to 290-feet below sea level via a shaft as the entry point called the 'Moon Pool.' Once inside, the divers will have only 30 minutes with submarine scooters to check the crates inside.

Expedition to find the Amber room

Planned group dives will be several times per day, and strict two-and-a-half hours to resurface for each attempt reported the Sun UK.

Tomek Stachura, 56, head of the mission, says that he is not an Amber Room enthusiast, but he is interested in what the crates hold inside them, as seen by the robots sent on the last dive, reports BildTheir previous dive yielded a frame with a rotted painting in a damaged box, leading the divers to assume the crates might hide more fabulous valuables on wooden boards.

According to the shipowner Klass Weyj, 58, his ship Glomar Vantage is leased to Stachura because he thinks there is a 90% chance the valuables will be seen again. He is confident the expedition will be successful in their quest in finding the fabled Amber Room that Nazis looted.

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Nazi Treasure ship may be found

Though not verified, the German warship, the Karlsruhe, is suspected of carrying the Amber Room when it was detected. One clue is that the SS Karlsruhe was seen in the Königsberg coastline or today's Kalinigrad, in April 1945 at the height of Operation Hannibal, which pulled out German troops and beat the eastern front, cited Livescience. It is the last known place the Amber Room was seen thirty days earlier.

A total of 500 to 1000 ships were deployed to retrieve civilians, troops, and military hardware from the Russian front. Not all were able to get through when 150 ships, including the Amber Room ship, were sent to the bottom by Soviet subs and warships. Besides the Amber Room on the Karlsruhe, as many as 1,100 died when it sank.

One historian, Piotr Michalik, 48, said the ship had two minesweepers accompanying it, unusual to boot. The vessel had 306 tons, which meant it carried something on board that was not declared in the records that day.

A German steamer SS Karlsruhe was more loaded than other ships in the escaping fleet, only making seven knots instead of nine, which made it an easy target for the Russians to sink. If the Amber Room treasure is found, divers will return the find to the Russian government.

In April 2020, Strachura located the sunken German steamer, assumed to hold the Amber Chamber that went missing in 1945. One of the treasured loots coveted by Nazis who lost it at sea, later the subject of treasure hunts, sought by historians and treasure hunters alike.

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