The grisly find of a 'death pit' due to Nazi Death squads that massacred women and children is found in a mass grave in Russia. Nazi soldiers conducted horrible atrocities during the second world war that, and how many women and children were killed was genuinely chilling.

One of these is a Hitler death quarry in Russia with numerous women and children cut down ruthlessly. It was common for Nazis to engage in mass murder, which was no different from the concentration camps where the Nazis killed Jews. Many places bore the mark of these places with bodies piled all over.

Death pit in Salsk reveals gruesome discovery

A recent find is a mass grave with numerous remains of 3,500 victims slain by Nazis. They found this evidence of genocide at the Salsk brickworks in Russia, reported the Mirror UK.

What was dug up was horrific; piled remains of young boys or girls, and even murdered infants not spared by Hitler's butchers. Finding the macabre remains of innocent killed came about after the KGB secret service archives allowed access to the general public as records in the Soviet Era were privileged to access.

More than one site was dug up in Russia to investigate these murders, though the site in Rostov was an exception. The degree of inhumanity and the brutal nature of the killing in this grave was horrible, cited the Daily Star.

According to the volunteer search squad, they were excavating the Mius-Front coordinating with the Russian Investigative body, which investigates serious crimes. They stated these Nazi Death squads that massacred women and children mass killing of 3,500 civilians occurred in 1942-43.

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Children and women among the victims

The committee added that forensic have discovered that 15 children, one to ten years old, were killed and dumped in the pit. One statement said though it was in the second world war, the dead children are terrifying to bear. Having 20 kids included in the remains identified is chilling for war vets, plus their cold execution at the Nazi's hands was too much. Looking into how they died and were killed, the investigators chillingly found out they suffer excruciating deaths.

Archeologists were shocked to see most were killed by boots or beaten. Maybe worse is the executors smashed the children's skulls mercilessly. They were shocked at how the Nazis disposed of their victims. Other than children, the remains came from Russian POWS, elderly, young, and many women dumped in the death pit.

About 60 remains were checked for DNA; 16 women, with 19 children from toddlers to late teens killed. Andrey Kudryakov showed on video the tiny boot of a child and a collar bone. He also displayed the shattered skull of an infant included in the remains, with parts of his mother nearby. The nazis executed a mother and child at the same time in the death pit.

Many who worked on the excavation were mentally tested to ignore the inhumanity of the deaths and Nazi killings. The sheer number of women, elderly, and children slain is mind-boggling, noted the Head Topics.

A pregnant woman died with her eyes covered so she wouldn't see how she would die. She took her last breath with the shattering of children's bodies as bayonets made sure they were all dead.

Their killers saved precious bullets, each one of the victims suffered slow deaths. Nazi Death squads that massacred women and children that day in the clay quarry of Salsk had to sweat it out, ending their victim's lives with brutality to avoid perishing ammunition in the war.

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