The creation of a quantum crystal might detect dark matter, according to physicists. Proving the existence of dark matter is the riddle that many scientists want to answer once and for all.

The exotic dark matter calculations compose about 27% of the known universe, which has not been decisively proven to be where it should be.

One idea is the presence of gravity is proof that it exists as it holds everything together. If it did not exist, the fabric of reality would be vastly different.

Detecting the unknown

Whether this matter is there even when there is no shadow or whether a glimpse of the dark particle has been substantiated, Researchers made a quantum crystal that might detect dark matter via its electromagnetic field, reported Express UK.

Such a discovery might be instrumental in this kind of unseen matter and answer what it truly is, a mystery of creation. Several institutions like the University of Colorado Boulder, the National Institute of Standards and Technology have devised a quantum crystal composed of magnetic fields which are supposed to cage 150 charged particles or ions of beryllium inside it.

What the construct does is prevent the repulsion of particles which is quite normal. As a result, the ions will be connected to a structure that is only two times as thick as human hair.Scientists engineered the shape to look like a crystal that vibrates when an external power would act upon it.

According to Ana Maria Rey, a physicist at the JILA research institute in Colorado, who told Livescience that atoms act as a group, not just parts, using this system of the quantum crystal might detect dark matter.

The oscillations of the quantum crystal, noted the researchers, could be implemented to identify the strength of an electromagnetic field.

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Black holes

No one knows what these black holes are. They are composed of dark matter and how unseen black holes are mysterious. One other thought is these galactic behemoths are leaking gravity, which is from another parallel universe.

A popular theory is that the unusual particle(dark matter) will be a new particle in the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN is hoping to prove this. However, before the quantum crystal could be used in the quest for dark matter, the investigators had to work around a significant quantum mechanics anomaly.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle says that there is no way to get a proper measurement of the particles. It translates as no way to know its speed. One of the ideas to go around the uncertainty principle is the concept called quantum entanglement, which states even in an opposite universe, there will still be connections almost unbreakable.

As an example, Professor Rey called it a way to remotely sense via great distances that can even be so many lightyears away. They entangle the momentum of the beryllium particles to the spin. Each crystal oscillation is because of a magnetic field passing by., measuring the displaced beryllium is how to detect the magnetic field. Scientists think it will help look for universal dark matter when axions become light particles or photons, making them more visible. The study was submitted to Science that a quantum crystal might detect dark matter.

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