The Taliban promises freedom for women and new privileges, but music is forbidden, and males should escort women. The Jihadi banned these as they changed their tune despite these pronouncements.

In a statement, the insurgents have ruled out essential enjoyment like music to be forbidden, and to women going out will not be allowed more than a day. But, at all times, there should be a man accompanying them.

It was a contradiction that the Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that women would have more liberties in the new regime, as it played up to the international media.

Will women have equal rights?

On the other hand, they say that women should not leave the house despite previously broadcasted. Many say that no change will ever happen, reported the Mirror UK.

In an interview, Mujahid said that women could work if they had headcovers.

Previously when the Jihadis were in power, they imposed the full burqa that covered women's faces entirely, or there would be penalties.

He added that women could go to school, work, and hospital under their new regime but strictly need a male accompanying them for extended travels. But music is severely banned by the Taliban in power, cited j99 news.

Mujahid explains that Islam forbids music and hopes it would be followed, not forced them to follow the rules imposed.

Continuing, he remarked the future would be different, and the afghanis will forget the past.

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There will be no vengeance against others

Fears that the Jihadis will revert to rounding up and committing atrocities will likely happen, as the Taliban have been known to sow terror. But, he said that those who helped westerners would not be hunted down.

Mujahid warned against the West's interference by pirating skilled Afghans like doctors, teachers, and influential people who should stay. He said that when they go to America, they are cooks or dishwashers criticized inhumanly to them.

The Taliban representative told foreign press that at the moment, all women must not go out of doors for their safety, quoting a new procedure is still being made, noted Express UK.

Many of their new forces are new, have no proper training, or are poorly prepared, and may mistreat women. The face of the new Taliban does not want women to be harmed or abused.

Restrictions are for the short term

Leadership in the Taliban tout they will allow more liberal conduct, and the limitations will be for the short term only.

Heather Barr, Human Rights Watch, remarked to the Time, it was sparse security in Kabul, but there will be improvements, so women are not chained to the home, but the opposite.

Mujahid added that when they were in power before, they couldn't implement changes in the treatment of women, and he said that a more tolerant Taliban is coming, not like the old.

Barr believes the Jihadis say as the media spotlight them to create a propaganda campaign for specific sectors.

She doubts these press releases and warns that the Taliban regime will change its tune once no one looks.

The Taliban promises freedom for women, but some reports show the opposite of what is claimed.

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