Nothing shows the cruelty of these extremists on an Afghan woman mutilated by the evil Taliban because she was forced to marry one of those butchers. Women suffer most in their occupations, taking pre-teen girls as wives who must obey without a choice.

With the violent Jihadis rolling in and taking the capital city of Kabul, there will be more like Bibi Aisha Mohammadzai, who suffered their horrific and dehumanizing abuse but miraculously got away.

But, she's one in a million where many women killed or lived at the mercy of these extremists' whim day in and day out in a living hell.

Bibi Aisha Mohammadzai's story

At the age of 18, Aisha was severely punished for trying to leave one of the fighters, whom she married as a child. Sadistically the barbarity of severing her nose and ears was done to teach her a lesson, reported the Sun UK.

Aisha had to marry a Jihadi at 14 years old but was promised to be his bride two years before. She was treated so inhumanely that she tried to escape but got caught and was sentenced to be imprisoned by an Islamic judge, cited NPR.

She spent five months suffering in jail then later sent back to her home. At midnight, the Taliban came for her in Uruzgan. It was her husband and his commander who dragged her to the mountain, where they beat her.

A command from the leader ordered them to lop off her nose and ears, kept down by her brother-in-law, and the husband sadistically mutilated her face. She fell unconscious from the pain, and was left to die, noted Eminetra.

She managed to get to her grandfather's home but was refused help. She found her way to the US base and was given medical aid. She left Afghanistan as a refugee to go to the US, where she got adopted and got facial surgery.

It emphasized how this group deals with women. She was featured on the Time magazine cover in 2010, with the savaged parts of her face show as it is.

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Afghan women subject to oppression from Taliban

As young as 12, many children are married forcibly to their members, and no one can say no. These girls will have to deal with their vicious whims or face the extreme without any choice.

Worse, a woman can be killed for not following their rule to wear traditional garb, and some women caught with tight outfits are shot. Another is they cannot go outside with no man to accompany them.

They are oppressed and subject to forms of execution, getting tortured. They are also viewed as second class and have no rights. During the 90s, when the Taliban had a hold in Afghanistan, it was a dire time for women.

Even after the terror group had been defeated in 2001 by the US, UK, and the Allied forces, they still exhibited the trademark brutality against helpless women after years of defeat.

The Time magazine cover said what will happen to Afghanistan if the US leaves in August 2021 while the world is watching on a front-row seat, noted CNBC.

Last August 9, the answer became apparent, and the extremists pillaged and murdered Kabul faster than Biden predicted. The evil Taliban might mutilate more Afghan women who are helpless to do anything.

This Afghan woman mutilated by the evil Taliban is only one of many who are tortured and oppressed by these evil Jihadis who won't stop demonstrating their power.

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