In the world's most terrible jails, inmates are in an incomparable hell hole, and getting sent here for life is worse than summary execution. Inside the walls are worst conditions, and the prospects of criminals in for unnameable crimes.

The inmates in these jails were jam-packed inside with no space to move. Their feet are rotting, with mouths sewn shut, nothing to eat but rats caught like a hungry animal. All these are inhuman conditions that are like hell in a cell. Many inmates of the prison are the worst criminal jailed for unimaginable crimes.

Suspected child Killer

One of the newest residents of the Alcatraz of North is the suspect in the Madeleine McCann case, reported the Mirror UK

Involved in the murder of McCann in 2007, Christian Brueckner, the main suspect for the child slay, will be in solitary detention in the Oldenburg prison near Bremen, northwest Germany.

Inside the high-security prison are CCTV cameras all over. Anyone plotting escape is nearly impossible, but one inmate got out by making friends with one guard.

Oldenburg prison is nothing compared to other jails, with crowded cells with gang leaders and horrible sanitation.

Several prisons are mentioned as the world's most terrible jails where corruption is rampant. Killing and dishing out torture by corrections officers is what happens most.

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Worst prisons in other parts of the world

Welcome to Sabaneta in Valenzuela, which former Venezuelan president Hugo Chaves called the 'gateway to the fifth circle of hell.' The prison is where the worst things happen.

Inside, Sabaneta is swarmed with murderers since Valenzuela has the most murders committed. For every 150 inmates, there is only one guard.

The notorious jail is where the gangs are in control. Inmates have protection rackets for the most vulnerable inmates to pay, even just for safe sleep.

Filth is everywhere, with convicts having the same water in buckets recycled and taking a dump in plastic bags thrown out a window. Worse, prisoners have no access to clean potable water.

In Sabaneta, the 'Los Anegados or Unwanted Ones' are helpless and would even resort to having their lips stitched for protection with the belief of a prison code that silence will keep you alive, and no one can slay you.

Keeping deadly weapons from convicts is crucial because riots have happened, again and again, knives, guns, and fatal grenades found.

In 1994, a riot in Sabaneta occurred with 100 plus convicts dead after that, fires, gang killings, and some inmates dismembered in these savage halls.

Kay Danes, founder of the Australian-based Foreign Prisoner Support Service, said that keeping shrewd is important, noted Fox News.

One more prison hell is on La Modelo, Colombia, Central America's where the horrific discovery was made five years back when guards checked the drains for clogging caused by chopped-up body parts of at least 100 convicts killed.

In Hoeryong Concentration Camp, North Korea, inmates suffer physical hardships and severe starvation, where they are forced to eat rats or starve to death. A prisoner recalls he learned to breed rats to have food. Add surviving systematic torture that is fatal every time.

Caterina Heyck, an investigator of the attorney general office, remarked in 2016 that it might be more than 100 convicts where the lopped of body parts. Even visitors are killed and dismembered, ending up in the drain system, citing Reuters.

These are the world's most terrible jails where the worst criminals are, and some are hells that are daunting to live through.

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