A forgotten island full of coffins and bones is about 40 miles from London, with a dark secret. Visitors to the foreboding location say the place is like a nightmarish vision where the criminals and condemned are found near London.

The Deadman's Island lies in River Swale's Mouth, on the other side of Sheppey that is not accessible to the public.

Prisoners who died onboard Hulks buried in Deadman's Island

Records of 200 years back have revealed that the cursed isle housed graves of convicts who died from deadly diseases onboard prison ships that detailed them, which are called Hulks. Many of the prison 'hulk' had many inmates who are on their way to Australia.

But those who cannot leave due to sickness and would be dead on the voyage will be kept in the River Medway and Thames inside the diseased-filled ships. It would be their last resting place, in sickeningly inhuman conditions, reported Express UK.

In recent years, sea levels rising and erosion of the coast have been started to erode the six feet of mud that uncovered unknown coffins under the soil.

When the tide is low, what can be seen are coffins, skulls, bones all over the place on the gruesome-looking island.

The BBC made a story about Deadman's Isle where it discussed its dark past of convicts and disease, a last resting place for the doomed whenever they got sent. This forgotten Island full of coffins and bones has a murky history connect to it.

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Designated as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), where birds breed and are nesting, the area is not allowed to be visited by the public, cited Heritage Daily.

It developed a reputation started by ghost stories, the dark surroundings, with no living thing except the coffins and bones of the condemned who waited to die.

Media is not allowed to visit unless granted special permission from the island owner, at a time when it was out of the breeding season for birds.

Remains of convicts revealed on low tide

According to director Sam Supple, the island has the looks of a horror film. Saying all the coffins and bones look creepy.

The presenter Natalie Graham said that she would never forget the visit. She added that it was a strange sight to see. Noting the bodies were from the hulks of floating prisons of the 18 and 19th centuries,

late-military historian Professor Eric Grove remarked to the BBC that these criminals would be given the death penalty, who did not deserve what awaited them.

Most would be petty criminals who were sent to these prisons that would-be pickpockets. Many of the crimes in that time would be carrying the death sentence. Many were sent to the colonies instead of executing them, but the weak and unhealthy ones end in these floating prison ships.

If anyone were lucky to leave for the new world, a death sentence would be waiting for them. Staying in these hulks was frightful and terrible or might be worse than death.

Even if some did not have a disease, prison ships are a one-way ticket with diseases and filth that infected everyone onboard.

Deadman's Island is a forgotten island full of coffins and bones where the occupants of these ships died in squalid conditions, and even one can call it the island of death.

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