Hunter Biden's third laptop was stolen, reports that state, after the other one, he lost in a string of events. The saga of the laptop has been buried, and now another one surfaces. This time it allegedly contains videos of indelicacies on other wild binges by the president's son.

The younger Biden claimed that someone took the controversial laptop in a Las Vegas hotel with others. It was not the only time he was out partying and kept content that would be considered inappropriate if leaked to the media.

Hunter Biden expresses concern about losing another laptop

51-year old Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is in the limelight again. In January 2019, he told a prostitute that one more of his laptops was taken by Russian in an alleged video reported the Express UK.

The Daily Mail claimed, they have the video where the binging first son said that he spends a lot of cash during a wild party.

Hunter said that more than one person was involved in the raucous part that lasted several nights. He even said it's a crazy party, him expecting many people, but each night, nobody showed up noted the Paradise.

Later Hunter's third laptop was stolen by Russians while dazed from booze and partying, not knowing it was gone.

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Based on the story, the first son related how the laptop got lost. Hunter recalls going to the hot tub alone, which hangs on the edge over a see-through top floor, even said it was ridiculous.

Hunter remembered sitting in the tub, relaxing with the lights out. He also remarked that passing out from a binge did not happen often.

After getting knocked out earlier, a few people remained from the party, he noticed upon waking up. There was one guy called Miguel, who was getting his stuff in a hurry, and Pierce, his 'friend' from the party.

Apparently, the partygoers were ejected, which caused a commotion, leaving the hotel room in disarray and prompting clean-up from the wild festivities that caused the huge mess.

He added the two were about to leave when he got up. There was a 35-year old Russian woman, described as attractive and brown-haired, caught Hunter's attention.

While passed out, she stayed, and no one was calling emergency services. They were not sure if the first son was dead or alive initially.

Next, he mentioned several unidentified people, a dealer with two partners, who took the missing laptop, which was what they wanted. Hunter became agitated after he spent a lot to give the party of the lives.

Lost laptop have info of US President Joe Biden

What worried Hunter Biden more are the explicit videos stored on the supposed stolen laptop and more revelations about his dad.

He admitted to having filmed himself in compromising positions that would damage his father's reputation. Stating what will be seen is the craziest video taken while caught in explicit detail.

The first son added that computer cam got everything done during the wild party. But he always placed a passcode to protect it. Then, someone pretended to be looking for it, then got the computer and took it.

Hunter's third laptop was stolen by Russians, as he claimed, and was unaware of it. He previously lost two other laptops which might have contained sensitive information concerning his father, President Joe Biden.

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