After the laptop scandal of Hunter Biden, next comes the Hunter Biden sex tapes claimed to show Joe Biden's son fornicating with multiple women. It's reported source is a laptop from an unknown third party; it might be a hoax.

The troubles of the ex-Burisma board member are far from the end. One source alleges that an unknown user on GTV uploads videos and photos of Hunter. Just like the second laptop in possession of Ukrainian authorities, this third laptop has content that can damage the reputation of the Biden Scion, reported Meaww.

Last Saturday, on October 24, some pictures and videos were uploaded with the Biden scion in compromising positions. Images that had women and drugs became viral as it went online. Questions are circulating if they are deep fakes, especially that his father Joe Biden has his poll chances affected by his son's escapades.

According to the Washington Examiner, their report mentions that the videos and photos came from a Chinese website GTV, one assumption is it came from a third party laptop. Research reveals that GTV is part of the GTV Media Group set up in April 2020 by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon former Trump adviser.

Bannon said that U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden is a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party and one of the best infiltration of American politics of China's BGY program. The Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex) as one way to disable America from within.

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Another part of the Biden infiltration is CCP's 3F plan ('fall, fail, and fell) that is similar to the BGY program. Sources say that the Washington examiner had claimed that Bannon had access to the controversial drive that had evidence against the Bidens.

 In a report, the New York Post cited the 12-minute video that shows Hunter in an interview admitted drug problems, smoked crack, and had sex with an unknown woman. Included were pictures of him various acts. This report "crack, sex and Ukraine" story was blocked by Facebook and Twitter, allegedly protecting the Dems from political damage.

Supporters of the Dems had other opinions and expressed disdain at the report. One user just commented the allegations were false and simply said it was a conspiracy against Joe Biden. Another one said it was made by nut jobs and conspiracy theories about the claims. Another Dems supporter said that it was the Russian work as the narrative by CNN and biased media. Adding the other side is fooling Americans.

Many Dems and liberals just said the story had no merit. They followed the narrative that the pundits and talking heads that represented the Dems online and offline. On Twitter, it was tagged Irrelevant by many pro-democrats. A comment said that the expose on Hunter is irrelevant because he was not running. One even went to an online porn site to check.

 The Hunter Biden sex tapes are only the next buffeting of the Joe Biden candidacy that is affected by these exposes. Americans want to know the truth.

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