A vicious leopard attacked a woman while she was sleeping in her residence close to the Saoli Range. The animal has been identified in several attacks on humans recently.

Among the incidents, a woman was slain, and several victims survived the mauling.According to the reports, the crazed beast entered a house in a village located at Wagholi Buti.

The woman who was sleeping was mauled badly in the early morning of Tuesday.The ferocious big cat has been roaming the Saoli range and has become a serial human attacker, creating panic in the authorities. 

Big cat attack

Recent reports states that the same leopard has attacked the third human in just a single week! One woman has been mauled by the animal and two others were badly banged up and harmed by the mammal, reported the Times of India.

The Range Forest Officer (RFO) office, identified as VB Kambl, said the said big cat entered the home of the 70-year-old Tulsabai Mashakhentri via the cattle shed. 

The older woman was startled awake by the sounds of terrified cattle and decided to check the shed. She did not see the leopard hiding in the shadows of the cattle shed. She went back to her house and fell asleep. 

It stalked her inside the house and slew a few chickens on the way. Then, it went after the woman on her bed while sleeping. Panicked screams from its victim had startled the beast, and it ran away. 

In the morning, the battered woman was taken to the local hospital in Saoli to treat her injuries. It is the same leopard, according to Kambli, that has tormented residents in a half-dozen nearby villages. When news of a vicious leopard attacked a woman, locals were alarmed and terrified. 

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First kill

The leopard has earlier killed Gangubai Gedam, who was resting in front of her house in the village of Vyhad. In the wee hours of July 13, Gedam was attacked, and her body was dragged into the woodland late at night. This monster mauled Vitthal Gedam of village Samda the next day while cultivating his crops on his land. No one knows why the animal has been attacking humans lately, cited the Hindu.

According to the RFO, villages such as Vyhad, Samba, Wagholi Buti, Konapur, and Kapsi fear the problem leopard's repeated attacks. While forest teams are on the lookout in the villages where the incidents happened, the beast goes on to other settlements in the vicinity. 

RFO Kambli added that all the villages were just 2-3 kilometers afar, all the residents should be watchful and lock doors.

The RFO placed four traps in the most strategic locations. Baits have been established to trap the problem feline. There will be two more cages to be set up to trap the animal. 

On another incident, farm laborer Dharath Padvi, 50, was mauled by a leopard when he was sleeping outside a shed near Chalala town around 11.30 p.m. on Wednesday, mentions Dushyant Vasavada, the chief conservator of forests (CCF) of Junagadh wildlife circle, cites The Indian Express.

When it happened, the rangers were busy installing the cages in the trapping areas. The victim had wounds on his head and forehead. He got treated at the nearest medical facility in Chalala.

"Our staff is going around urging labourers and farmers to stay indoors at night," the RFO said, adding, "We are taking the help of village sarpanches and local MLA. Our attempt is to prevent more such incidents before the leopards are captured." 

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