One freak accident in a wild animal park took the life of a zookeeper, who was caught and severely assaulted by a big cat. Electrified fences prevent big cats from escaping their cages, but the power went down in one cage that housed a ferocious tiger.

Killed by a wild animal

The victim was David Solomon, 52, whose body was found with several bite marks and his neck snapped like a twig at the Seaview Predator Park in Port Elizabeth last Thursday, reported the Sun.

According to accounts on what happened to the slain victim, the aggressive Siberian tiger Jaspar was able to get over a 12-foot-high electrical fence that had no power at that time and attacked Solomon after escaping its cage.

Alarmed at the sight of the rampaging big cat, the zookeeper tried to get over a fence but was caught by Jaspar. The predator dragged him down and attacked him with its sharp teeth and claws.

The big cat was not satisfied savaging his caretaker to death. The beast then went over another and killed another big cat named Judah, his male rival.

After killing Judah, the aggressor then tried to mate with Judah's sibling Amber. This is when the Kragga Kamma Veterinary Hospital and Nature Conservation were called in to stop Jasper's rampage. One zookeeper got fatally wounded as he tried to escape from the scene.

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While the two tigers were mating, a vet shot them with tranquilizer darts to subdue and control Jasper. Later, the co-workers went into the pen to get Solomon's battered remains and Judah's mangled body.

Solomon was well-liked in the Predator Park

One of the former workers said that the deceased zookeeper has been working with the tigers for fifteen years and took care of Jasper since he was a cub.

Another employee said in an interview, "David is part of a team who transferred Jasper and his sibling Jade inside their large habitat for the first time during March after they'd been heavily sedated for the relocation," as per Mirror UK.

The beast responsible for the carnage was a huge cat, and everyone has always been warned to be extra careful when staying close to the animal. One rumor said that the tiger had allegedly attacked someone, but the victim just ignored it.

This accident left employees "absolutely devastated" and "deeply affected," mentioned a Seaview Predator Park spokesman.

Condolences were sent to the family and close friends of David, may he rest in peace.

The park confirmed that the tiger had "leaped on the outer fence and escaped out" while the electric fence was being repaired.

As quoted in the UK News Today," Regrettably, David was heading towards the water supply faucets in the hallway connecting two tiger enclosures when such an incident occurred, and Jasper escaped."

The park verified that David had bite marks and that the big cat snapped the fleeing zoo keeper's neck.

Due to this mishap, the park was immediately closed; and the people near the tiger cages were urged to leave.

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