On its last sortie before retiring, the incomparable SR-71 spy plane gave an amazing farewell flight that highlights its supernal speed. The plane still has its secrets that have not been declassified and are the only plane capable of its feats.

The mysterious spy plane of the United States Air Force (USAF) showcased its impressive technical capabilities in such a truly stunning performance on its final ever sortie at the time. Few planes in the USAF or even the Soviet Union could be the equal of the superfast and stealthy jet.

Blackbird's usefulness was questioned leading to its retirement

The SR-71 was created in the 1960s by the United States government as a stealthy counterpart to the U-2 spy aircraft that had been discovered to be vulnerable, reported the Nationalist Interest.

It took the US by surprise that the U-2 was not as safe as assumed; it got shot down by the Russians. Compared to the Blackbird that was never shot down, even avoiding the missile aimed at it.

Arguments arise over the costs of maintaining the spy plane and how other options for recon are available for use. Its usefulness was under question, and the Air Force retired the Blackbird in 1990. Later NASA would pull it out of retirement for a while for research.

Even with new recon technology making the shadowy plane obsolete, it would have a chance to impress one last time, ever! One flight that will show it got the stuff, SR-71 spy plane, gave a fantastic farewell flight.

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One last flight for the undefeated Spy plane

The USAF arranged a flight to make the last ever flight from its airbase in Palmdale in California to the Smithsonian Institution Museum in Chantilly, Virginia. Its two pilots, Lt. Col. Raymond E. Yeilding and Lt. Col. Joseph T. Vida, will accomplish four new flight speed records.

The SR-71 reached a new record for a flight ranging from the West Coast to the East Coast, traversing the route lasting 68 minutes and 17 seconds, compared with 3 hours and 38 minutes for the old record, cited the NY Times.

Other records set in three flights before were from LA to Washington DC in less than 65 minutes, Kansas to Missouri, and DC in 25 to 26 minutes, in several flights. One sortie was from Ohio to Missouri that lasted less than 9 minutes as the fastest.

The incredible plane is one of the fastest planes to be built by any nation, and it can go fast as an F-15 Eagle. The recorded speed of the SR-71 is at a maximum of Mach 2.3 or more, giving it the ability to outrun missiles fired at it.

To date, when it was designed in the 1960s, the airframe is the only one that can hit the Mach 3+ barrier. One flat-out speed run had measured the Blackbird at Mach 3.43, and one show had the iconic plane with fireballs on its contrail while flying.

The pilot did this in a high-speed maneuver that caused its unique fuel type to burn in midflight.

When the SR-71 spy plane gave an amazing farewell flight, it shows how hard it was to retire an aircraft that is still top secret until now.

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