The United States is offering Indian the F-15EX that can outfly many planes and even a 4th generation with updates. Though not as stealthy as the F-35, it carried more weapons and range.

India faces China in the Ladakh region, where the line of actual control (LAC) lies. There is an assurance that China will stand down, and India cannot afford to be unprepared.

Enhance superiority fighters versus numbers

The Himalayan border is volatile, with an expansionist China pushing the LAC further, but Pakistan with an ax to grind does make it easier. One way to keep China and Pakistan at bay is the updated EX Eagle, reported Eurasian Times.

The American fighter plane has the reputation of an aerial sledgehammer capable of taking on most fighters. India is on the buyers' list to get them for their air force, added to its Rafales that would give a lethal edge to Indian Air Force (IAF).

India possesses a sizable arsenal of military weapons, but the EX-Eagle will make it more potent. It might be based on an older plane, but it is modern under the skin.

Made to dominate

The EX-version of the F-15 is a dual engine, strike anytime and anywhere, all mission fighter jet that is upgraded to have all the most recent technology. They can even fight with F-35s as their point man in battle. Imagine all the tech and know-how crammed in its classic airframe the last 30-years.

Inserted into plane components in the F-15EX-Eagle is the Open Mission Systems (OMS) architecture that no other F-15 has. Another is the increased number of weapons it can carry with power to spare. A two-seat fighter that will give Chinese planes a run for their money.

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Modernize F-15s and other jets in the IAF

IAF military purchases the first five (36 in total) French Dassault 4.5 generation Rafale Jets as strengthening the Indian Air Force more. There are 31 squadrons in operation, but about 42 are needed, so more superior fighters are required, like the EX-Eagle.

India military planners say that 42 squadrons are needed in a two-front war. One against China or Pakistan, which need this vast arsenal, any less would be difficult. The EX Eagle will compete for India buying Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft for their air force, but another contract for 114 fighter planes will follow if not selected.

Range will be considered for the conflict against China and Pakistan, with a plane chosen by the IAF for any mission. A modernized F-15 can strike deep into the enemy with excellent range, better endurance to loiter in the air longer. The American fighter gas everything needed; that is what the EX-Eagle offers.

On the LAC border in the Himalayas are Russian-made SU 30 MKIs, but if India gets the modernized F-15s, that is far better. Large engines used by the jet are perfect in the high lands of the Himalayas.

Stealth is overrated, and F-35s aren't the solution; the F-15EX are made for speed power and better dogfighters too. In the Himalayas, what is needed is more weapons to carry and overpower enemy planes.

Despite the F-15EX fighters not being stealth fighters, unlike advanced F-35 fighter jets, the F-15EX fighters have a potent deterrent capability. Compared to the smaller F-35s, and attains air supremacy and even out dogfight F-35 fighters. Even the US will get squadrons of the updated F-15.

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