A man's head was saved by his helmet when a tiger attacked him and his friends. Along with two others, they were taken by surprise when stalking tigers pounced on them without warning.

The victims were Vika Kumar, 23, Sonu Kumar, 33, and Kandhai Lai, 35, who were attacked by several tigers. Only the 23-year-old was able to survive the attack, but the two others were killed by the big cat's powerful jaws.

A group of tigers ambushed the trio in the town of Pilibhit, in Uttar State of Pradesh, India, on the 11th of July. What happened next is the account of Kumar, who escaped the jaws of death.

Tigers attack the trio at night

The trio were riding on a single motorcycle while in the jungle close to Pilibhit. When the headlights were dim, Kumar saw a tiger in the dark and the bike slipped on the road. While all three were splattered on the road, more than one tiger pounced on them, reported Newsbreezer.

The tigers brutally attacked them leaving two people dead. The Times of India reported Vika's account of the incident that the attack was swift because there was little light to see the animals hunting in the dark. The three Indians did not know that two big cats were chasing after them, waiting for a chance to strike.

One of them saw a tiger despite the faint headlight of the motorcycle on the road. However, everything happened quickly and the beast were on the men, not giving them a chance to escape. The predators lunged forward to take a bite into the panicked trio. Fortunately, the survivor's head was saved by the helmet he was wearing when a tiger tried to bite him.

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Escaped from a tiger's bite

Sonu and Kandhai were unfortunate and never got up from the road as they were bitten many times. On the other hand, Vika manged to grab by his helmet and was able to run away.

He saw his two pals already being torn to bits by the fierce predators. The tiger, who bit his helmet, had its teeth stuck into it and was trying to get it off its teeth. While doing so, he escaped by climbing into a tree as the tigers continued munching on his companions.

The lone survivor was lucky to be alive, and granted an interview about getting nearly eaten by the big cats.

It will not be easy to unsee what the predators have done to his friends. It was such a savage attack that part of the victims' bodies were seen in the jungle by the authorities. Those slain were treated like the tigers' prey.

Vika remembered seeing Kandhai trying to escape from the predator's fury but she was pulled down and was torn by the predator in seconds. Sonu never had a chance to survive as the beast sank its fangs into the him, ending up just like his woman companion.

The sole survivor was just lucky that he was able to go up into a tree while the tiger was munching on his helmet. Although tigers can climb trees, he managed to survive until the morning.  

Reports indicate that the three friends were warned before going into the jungle which apparently is a terrible mistake. ANI news said the bodies would be autopsied.

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