An accident caused by a jet ski tore a woman in half during a fun outing that ended in horror. This happened when the victim's backside was punctured resulting into a serious hospitalization. 

After the gruesome accident she suffered, the woman promised herself to avoid going jet ski again. The medical procedure done to her was not too gentle as well due to her condition.

The woman who suffered a torn anus is 21-year-old Matilda, a resident from New South Wales, Australia. She shared her horrific experience while on recreation. She later posted a video on social media about her unfortunate 'ending' to a proper holiday.

Jet Ski Horrific Accident

When the accident happened, she was riding on the jet ski's rear end while holding onto who was controlling the machine. Somehow, she lost her grip and fell back in the water, reported the Mirror UK.

She hit the water when she fell off. Unfortunately, her bum was on the firing line of the powerful waterjet that propelled the watercraft. 

While submerged in water, Matilda was shocked and surprised with what happened next. She felt the jet strongly on her body and realized it has opened her insides, noted the Head Topics.

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During the freak accident, she felt the strong waterjet rip into her. While feeling the strange sensation, she was vomiting in the water while in intense pain.

Luckily, despite her condition, she was able to reach the shore where the paramedics assisted her. The jet ski had punctured her anus by accident and she was treated immediately.

The Doctors Saved Her

According to the 21-year-old woman, she woke up 24-hours after the operation. The doctors told her that her anus was pierced along with intestines and the sphincters. Despite being in a bad shape, she is still alive.

She said that the water jet to forced the bowel contents into her abdominal cavity, along with dirty lake water. To avoid anything worse from happening, all her organs in the abdomen were taken out for cleaning.

Matilda added that a stoma was needed to correct the damage. A stoma refers to an opening in the belly when one needs a way to remove what is from the digestive or urinary system.

The 21-year-old woman said on social media that she would swear off riding any jet ski after her bizarre accident that caused a severe personal injury. 

Similar Accident

In anothere report, a 31-year-old mother was another victim of a similar accident in Turkey. Doctors performed two critical operations to fix internal organs that was caused by a jet ski accident. It happened to Ashleigh Donnelly who was also hit by the powerful jet.

The same thing happened to Matilda who was hit squarely and injured internally while on vacation in Turkey. She was struck in the torso and was sucked in. It took many stitches to fix her up.

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