A zebra called Melton had horrific injuries and died from a savage goring. The setting was the Blair Drummond reserve close to Stirling in Scotland.

Pleased to gore you, Melton

It was quite shocking for guests at the reserve to witness how ferocious and dangerous a rhinoceros can be. Most of the staff were alleged to be ordered to keep the incident at the animal reserve quiet. It was reported by The Sun UK that other animals have died in the Drummond reserve and that the location was under investigation.

Animals like monkeys, lions, antelopes, and lemurs reportedly died at the reserve before this incident. One of the former employees said the animals' deaths were preventable and the employee added they were told these incidents would be dealt with.

Death of a zebra

One of the former animal reserve employees told a bombshell report about an incident that led to the death of Melton, a 15-year zebra, which happened way back in 2017.

He added on that day when the unfortunate animal encountered the rhino, patrons saw what happened. The zebra was severely injured by the attack and was put to sleep.

More stories came from the same unidentified employee. The source alleged that management had caused the death of three turkeys when they were packed in a plastic feed sack.

On that day, one of the visitors saw a bag moving. One of the zookeepers found the fowl trapped inside and left to suffer under the hot sun. One reportedly died and the two were put to sleep. However, the incident of one fierce rhino gored to death a zebra is the most violent occurrence at the reserve.

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All these happenings drew the attention of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Veterinarian Dr. Mark Jones, of the Born Free Charity, called animal deaths tragedies. More attention needs to be given to the zoo inspection system, cited the Inside Express.

But, the allegations were denied by a Blair Drummond spokeswoman who said that the maltreatment of animals was not true. She also added that there was no cover-up.

More rhino news

An earlier incident of a rhino-related incident that was reported last May 20 involving a Scottish national on a conservation trip in South Africa, noted the BBC.

Escaping with only a dislocated hip and bruises was Kieran Munns, 21-years old when he was with rangers in Zululand when it happened.

He was hit by a 1.5-ton rhino cow when one of the calves stepped on his leg. Working as an advocate of conservation of this endangered species, he was part of the WWF Save the Rhino Campaign.

The encounter happened on a Wednesday after he joined conservation rangers in a private reserve. They were monitoring a female black rhino that was seen after some time. It ended with animal charging and the victim getting hospitalized for injuries.

Incidents such as when a fierce rhino gored to death a zebra are because of the animal's response to situations and staying out of the way is best.

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