A jilted boyfriend harassed the victim after getting dumped. He was waiting for the right time to strike and eventually hurled acid on her face which almost cost her eyesight.   

Mostly, victims of harrasment would rather keep quiet and hide. However, this time, the aggrieved woman got back then taught her attacker a lesson.

"Perfect" acid hurled at victim

The report said that the attack happened on September 10th in Greenford, London. She had chemical burns on her face after having acid thrown at her, but her eyes were protected by the glasses that she wore, My London.

Identified as the assailant, Lucasz Przybyszewski, 37, he was assaulted the 49-year-old woman.

Before this, Przybyszewski bothered her for sometime by harassing and sending messages that he would hurt her. These were not taken seriously until it was too late.

He searched for the "perfect" acid online days before following her and hurling acid on her face.

A trial was conducted at Isleworth Crown Court, where they heard that the bitter ex had been continuously threatening the victim for four months prior to the attack, reported the Mirror UK.

The court heard that a text was sent to her stating that she'll never look into a mirror again ominously. These threats lasted for four months. This horror ended when he attacked the victim and hurled acid on her face.

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One of the messages he left outside her residence was a balloon with Polish profanities written all over it, highlighting how he wanted to harm her face. Worse, he involved her children in his revenge.

The night of the attack

Przybyszewski followed his victim on his bicycle in the Greenford area on the night of the attack. The woman told him to stop stalking her, before getting on the bus. Later she called her current partner to meet her at the stop at 10:45 pm.

He follower her on his bike, seeing the victim walking on the road. When he got close enough, he hurled the chemical on her face!

Her partner went to help her, while Przybyszewski pedaled away. The victim was brought home and medics were called for help.

Besides the injury to her face, her denim jacket was damaged by the corrosive substance thrown at her. She acquired burn scars on her face.

The assailant was apprehended by police at his home. Evidence of the corrosive acid was found in an orange container inside his room. Later analysis proved that it was not what was used in the attack, noted CPSThe acid was never found by the authorities.

The accused will be given his sentence on September 28. Prosecutor David Siebler of CPS London North said that the attack on the hapless woman was cruel and bitter caused by her ex-boyfriend, who cannot handle getting rejected by her. Siebler added that it was sheer luck that her eyes weren't damaged.

He added that the woman stood up in court and denounced her ex. She also provided evidence leading to his conviction, showing how he harassed her and hurled acid on her face which earned  him a jail sentence.

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