Tension escalates in the South China Sea (SCS) as China builds military base on disputed Subi Reef. China displays dominance as another installation takes on reefs which are claimed by other nations. They are using these artificial islands as a staging base to control the SCS, while other countries are conducting military undertakings to push back against Chinese COmmunist Party (CCP).

Bejing has sanctioned the occupation of reefs and isles from which a new Great Wall in the SCS according to sources is being built. The communist regime denies its claims of ownership which has been disproven.

Facilities in the massive base indicates China is committed

The latest base on Subi reef is the latest addition to the military base which is equipped with airstrips for planes, ports for its ships and other facilities. This endeavor is viewed as an infringement of the territorial rights of the area claimed by the Philippines, which rightfully owns but does not have the military capability to enforce its claim.

A report by the Washington Times mention satellite images of People'sLiberation Army (PLA) Air Force deploys PLA KJ-500 to Mischief Reef located in the Spratly Isles last May and June. Other activities include the installing of Y-9 aircraft transports, with Z-8 helicopters in Subi Reef since June.

Concern was expressed by Michael Dahm, former naval intel operative saying the Chinese are playing for keeps as the helicopters and transport planes seem to be stationed there for long term, reported the Sun UK.

One of the major changes in the PLAs presence in the SCS is that in 2021, China established the military base apart from the deployment of special mission aircrafts and helicopters, which was exercised before.. With China building the military base on disputed Subi Reef and Mischief Reefs, this shows they are commited in these areas. This massive structure might be purposed for their routine air operations,with the anticipation of more planes coming in.

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Instead of buckling down its activities in the Indo-Pacific with SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Beijing used it to build and seize more territory that should not be militarized.

Despite China's dominance that the South China Sea belongs to them, other nearby countries contradicted this claim including Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei, which is verified by international law. Beijing is using diplomacy and military strength to cow its neighbors.

Assurance not to pursue militarization denied

A pronouncement by the United Nations (UN) Tribunal backs an independent ruling that it is international waters, no one holds exclusive control. According to the convention which says the claims to waters will be measured to the distance from land.

Using deceit and subterfuge, Beijing made man-made isles on reefs in the SCS. They consented with the ruling but did not honor its pledge not to militarize it. When Xi Jinping met with Democrat US president Barrack Obama in 2016, he assured not to pursue militarization but the Diplomat later reported the assurance was denied.

In 2015, Beijing said the purpose of isle building is for safe havens and rescue facilities for commercial fishing on the Paracel's and Spratly reefs.

Dahm said the combat aircraft on these island bases are meant to enhance military might, which is lacking in the Chinese Navy. They want to spy and observe using Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) and other resources.

According to Dr. Bryce Wakefield of the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), it is a bare attempt by Beijing to keep the SCS under PLA control, coordinating harassment and readying for a war that might come.

China builds military base on disputed Subi Reef that is claimed by nearby nations and stations AWACS for more air operation in the South China Sea, especially against US assets.

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