China has warned that it is not afraid to face the U.S. in a conflict as massive drills that involve troops are underway. They are currently being held in Guam as they train for a future scenario.

These recent military exercises have caught China's attention, after the recent back to back naval drills in the South China Sea. Part of the drills is the coordination of troops and 100 planes that will coordinate a simulated attack on the Island. 

Military strategists expect that the Guam installation will be in the crosshairs of the Chinese ICBMs. Learning to defend against a Chinese attack is crucial to keep the base operational in full-blown war, reported the Sun.

The military exercise held is called Valiant Shield, which will drill all land, sea, and air units in a series of coordinated operations that will be going on for 10 days. Valiant will simulate a threat against Guam, for all units.

 At the time the drills were announced, the Global Times of China said in an editorial that the U.S. and China will face war sometime. 

The Global Times explains that all the troubles stirred up in countries opposed to China is the handiwork of the U.S. which is opposed to China. Citing the expansion of China in the Himalayas, East, and South China Seas where America is opposed to China. Getting ready for conflict and to protect interests, with acceptance to bear the cost of China's endeavors.

Tensions in the Indo-Pacific is are great as the U.S. Navy and Air Force which are active in multiple operations from FONOPs to ADIZ penetration into purloin Chinese holding. Guam will be the heart of the American response that will send a strong message to China as the greatest aggressor.

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Current war games have the supercarrier USS Reagan and the assault ship USS America joined by amphibious warfare ships the USS New Orleans and USS German Town in the current exercise.

According to Rear Admiral Michael Boyle, the U.S. Pacific Fleet with the Valiant Shield exercise gives all forces to improved interoperability for a greater counter punch to enemy forces like the PLAN.

General Charles Q. Brown Jr, commander of the Pacific Air Forces, stresses the consequence of keeping watch of the Indo-Pacific region that will be of great impact. The U.S. Department of Defense would prioritize all aspects of this location as it is where China is challenging to become a world naval power.

Beijing has been relentless in flexing its military power in Taiwan and the South China Sea that has become a threat. Even Guam in the Pacific is not immune to PLAN aggression, and Xi is dead set on improving the PLAN war machine.

Uneasily about six weeks ago, the Prime Minister of Australia said the posturing of the U.S and China is getting more serious. The Royal Australian Navy joined the Americans and Japanese in a naval exercise but were tailed by the PLAN before getting to the Philippine Sea.

According to Scott Morrison, he hinted that headlong conflict may happen, and stressed that both were on the side of international law and keep the peace.

The promise of resources in the South China Sea is enough for China to warn the U.S. that it isn't afraid of the troops and assets that are in the Guam drills.

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