House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) clarified earlier statements he made in an interview that some people interpreted as an announcement that former President Donald Trump wanted to be the House speaker, reported The Week via Yahoo. People misunderstood this statement and claimed that MacCarthy was saying that Trump himself wanted to be the House speaker, creating various speculations.

McCarthy's Opinion on Trump's Future

McCarthy responded to opinions on the former President Donald Trump's potential to be voted as House speaker, reported the Epoch Times.

During a Fox News interview, McCarthy was asked to share his perspective on Donald Trump's future. McCarthy answered, "You know, I have talked to President Trump many times. He tells me he wants me speaker, and I think he should be president." 

McCarthy's statement got a lot of people confused. They thought that McCarthy just said Trump wanted to be House speaker. 

To clarify this, McCarthy's office released a statement. His office acknowledged that his words may be misinterpreted and were not "crystal clear," reported the Daily Caller

In an interview last Friday, the GOP minority leader said that they will focus on taking back the house for the Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections. Most of the time, during midterms, the Democrats fail to win the House majority.

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What more can we expect from the Democrats?

McCarthy expounded on his will to win back the House majority for the Republicans. He claimed that the Democrats have been using the majority to accomplish things that seem unconstitutional. Aside from altering the election law, they also intend to turn Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. into states. They are doing all these activities to "change the structure and constitutionality of [the US] so they can maintain control illegally," he added. McCarthy stressed out that they never want things like these to happen. 

Based on the Constitution, the speaker of the house does not need to be a sitting member of the congress, though throughout the history of the U.S. only the appointed representatives have been deemed as speakers.

How did speculations on Trump's desire to be a speaker begin? 

One of Trump's interviews with commentator Wayne Allyn Root sparked speculation and discussion on Trump's desire to be a House speaker. Trump said that there's a probability for him to assume the said position. 

When Trump was asked about a congressional bid in June, he responded, "You know, it's very interesting." 

Trump's office also released a statement that he will be conducting his first post-presidential rally in Ohio on June 26. 

Save America PAC. It described it as an event where Trump will push for candidates and his MAGA agenda. 

During the event, Trump will endorse Max Miller who is trying to unseat Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio). It can be recalled that Gonzales was one of those who voted to impeach Trump and was warned that his tenure would be contested by someone endorsed by the ex-president.

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