Thomas Markle, Meghan's father, claims he learned about his granddaughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor's birth over the radio. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their second child on June 4 and announced the news two days later.

Meghan Markle's father revealed he didn't get a call when the baby was delivered in a preview for his forthcoming appearance with 60 Minutes Australia. "I haven't made any phone calls since I heard it on the radio. If I don't get to touch my granddaughter, it will be a huge disappointment to me," he said, as per Newsweek.

He went on to say that in his next bombshell interview, which will run on Sunday, he would disclose issues that he has yet to share publicly. Thomas Markle has been candid with the media about his complicated relationship with his daughter, stating that he hasn't talked to her since her May 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.

He most recently debunked the couple's accusations in an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March. Markle was asked what he thought of the report that a member of the royal family had inquired about the skin tone of the couple's baby Archie before his birth in 2019, during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Markle's father claims Oprah took advantage of "weakened" Prince Harry

Per The Sun, Thomas Markle stated in a shocking interview that Oprah misled Prince Harry into saying things you absolutely shouldn't be saying on television. The 76-year-old grandfather is estranged from Meghan, and the two haven't communicated since he unexpectedly declined to attend his daughter's wedding in 2018.

He admitted that while watching the royal wedding on TV from Mexico, he "cried a little." When Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah was televised in March of this year, it sent shockwaves across the Royal Family.

During the interview, the couple made several claims, including that an unidentified royal was concerned about the color of baby Archie's skin. Meghan also claimed that the Palace had refused her mental health treatment, while Harry claimed that after Megxit, Prince Charles had stopped returning his calls.

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Thomas Markle was disappointed on how he discovered his new grandchild

He further chastised the "cold" pair for refusing to meet him, even though he lives barely 70 miles from their opulent £11 million mansion in Santa Barbara. Even "axe murderers" are visited by their relatives, said Thomas Markle. After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a public statement, Markle claimed he was "disappointed" to learn about his new baby grandchild.

Thomas has yet to see his grandson Archie and is dissatisfied with how he learned about Lilibet's birth. He said, "There's always disappointment here. Lili is perfect, and the fact that there is a lot more Markle blood in the Royal Family makes me happy," reported.

"I'm a fairly decent grandpa," he said, as he expressed his desire to meet and visit both of his grandkids. He stated he fell in love with Lilibet after Meghan's birth and that he will be disappointed if he does not get to hold his granddaughter.

Thomas added that he would never go to the couple's home in Montecito and knock on their door. Instead, he hoped that they would come to his. With Father's Day approaching, he said that he would love to meet his grandkids then. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been encouraged to return to the UK for Lilibet's baptism to help mend bridges with the Royal Family.

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