These incidents come as the Group of Seven (G7) will be there this coming weekend, many of the member countries will meet with US President Joe Biden, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Precautions are taken via the Ring of Steel

According to the Sun, the measure called the £30 million "ring of steel" is for the protection of all leaders attending the event, that includes the HMS Prince of Wales Royal Navy vessel.

The paper, Washington Examiner mentioned that sea and air forces of the UK have been engaged in separate operations to deal with a supposed threat from the Russians.

In total, several armed forces were in joint maneuvers, which included the US Navy air wing, British Navy, and Air force, with the French using their anti-submarine warfare (ASW) planes at the start of the week.

One goal of all the military activity is to secure the G7 meeting and have an adequate security net for the international event.

The Details

A Royal Air Force P-8 Poseidon is deployed 500 miles from its own RAF Lossiemouth home station in Scotland last Wednesday, "Carrying out search patterns at low altitude and speed in the area."

Last Wednesday, a Royal Air Force P-8 Poseidon was deployed 500 miles from its home station at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, "carrying out search patterns in the area at low altitude and speed.", cited the Irish Sun.

A Russian cruise missile submarine was operating around and just outside of the 12-mile maritime border of the United Kingdom had raised suspicions that it was tracking something specific.

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The Northumberland is thought to be equipped with cutting-edge Sonar 2087 equipment able to detect undersea forces exceeding range, such as those designed by the Russians.

Moscow presently has a fleet of Borei-class nuclear ballistic missile submarines which are not considered to infiltrate patrol zones.

But the most threats come from the Yasen-class submarine fleet, both the Kazan and the Severodvinsk have silent running technology that is so quiet, that it could enter the Atlantic Ocean and not be detected.

These new Russian subs have the capability of having the Kalibr and Oniks cruise missiles that can be tipped with nuclear warheads.

Intelligence has raised further worries that G7 operations are targeting Russian ships before the global summit, which will take place from Friday to Sunday.

Although the French embassy, US Navy, and the British government, have all declined to comment on the rumors, as of this moment.

Recently, Putin has been actively displaying the Russian arsenal of new submarine ordnance in displays to the western allies. One of the highlights is the focus on the Kazan's missile a month ago.

Such weapons include the Zircon, hypersonic missile, on the Yasen-M submarines that are updated missile tech to threaten the west. The Russian leader said that the Mach 8 Zircon will strike US cities.

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