After hearing too much anti-Russian rhetoric from President Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin will be launching a new sub soon that is capable of firing nuclear missiles and hitting the US. This is a stern reminder to Biden that Russia will not be trifled with.

Vladimir Putin is deadly serious

The Russian leader plans to send the newest and deadliest sub in his naval arsenal with new capabilities unknown to the United States. It will be a message to the current U.S. administration to stop antagonizing the Kremlin, reported the Sun.

The Kazan is one of Putin's newest subs added to Russia's armed forces' lethality and is meant to face tension coming from statements made by Joe Biden, cited CNBC. According to Reuters, everything was kept at a nominal peace with foreign policy during the Trump administration, which indicated respect between leaders.

The most up-to-date vessel, a second Yasen-M ship, Kazan, is packed with nuclear-capable Kalibr and Oniks missile systems, said the TASS news agency of Russia.

Before entering service with the Russian navy, the Kazan will raise St. Andrew's flag, which is their symbol. The ceremony will be held on May 7 before its sets sail.

TASS said it would be unveiled ahead of large military parades commemorating World War II in Europe.

The development of the new submarine has been protected, and all the technical details are top secret. It took a long time and too many postponed deliveries due to smoothing out the next-generation Russian submarine problems.

Kazan can now be seen at sea, firing missiles from its sister submarine, the Severodvinsk. Russian officials release video of both subs in action, which puts Vladimir Putin in command of a truly lethal submarine.

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When presenting to the Senate Armed Services Committee, U.S. intelligence chief Scott Berrier recently classified the Kazan as a global threat to America.

One of the threats posed by the unknown Yasen-M submarines is their capability of firing Russia's new Zircon, which is a hypersonic missile capable of fast nuclear strikes traveling at Mach 5+.

Putin called the Mach 8 Zircon a gamechanger; others remarked that the Russian leader says it will strike American and its cities if the current administration does not do anything to stop a nuclear war.

The Kazan has been conducting sea trials since September 2018, four years after it had been launched.

TASS stated in a quote about the delays.

"The timetable of the submarine's delivery to the Navy has been frequently delayed." "It did not finish the proposed program of state tests on time for a number of reasons."

Furthermore, the primary strike weapons of Project 885 / 885M submarines are cruise missiles called Onyx, Caliber, and the superfast Zircon.

The Yasen-M class sub is so deadly that inside it can pack 32 Kalibr cruise missiles that can be nuclear-tipped.

Last November, the Kazan test-fired several Kalibr and Oliks missiles that verified the weapon system works, said a source from the Russian military.

Vladimir Putin saw the success of the new sub that fired the Kalibr from the vertical launcher; the onyx was shot from torpedo tube at their targets that were hit accurately. He also ordered the launch of a superfast missile to give the US ships in the Black Sea a message back to the White House.

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