Walmart employees can now use their new Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro at home and at work without compromising their privacy.

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Walmart Removes Mask Mandates For Vaccinated Customers And Employees.

Wallmart Employees Receive Free Smartphones

In a recently published article in Fox News, Walmart launched its app called Me@Walmart that helps employees to better serve the customers. This app will also simplify the tasks of the retailer's associates.

This is not the first time that Walmart gives free smartphones to its employees. According to a published report in Phone Arena, previoulsy, Walmart employees shared portable devices and received positive feedback.

Following a favorable staff reaction to an early test of the new smartphone earlier this year, Walmart said that it was extending its testing and will continue to explore the new technology by giving free smartphones.

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About the Me@Walmart App

Employees will be able to examine their work schedules up to two weeks in advance, check their paid time off, and request schedule modifications via the app. The smartphone will also enable workers to clock in for work with the click of a button and may be used as a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with one another and serve clients, according to Android Central.

Furthermore, it has a voice-activated personal assistant, Ask Sam, to aid staff in swiftly locating items and providing answers to clients. The Me@Walmart app will also include a function that will shorten the time it takes staff to transport things from the backroom onto the sales floor in the coming months.

Holler and Romack said "Instead of scanning each box individually, associates just hold up their device and, using augmented reality, highlight the boxes that are ready to go," according to a published article in Fox News.

Walmart Assures Employee's Privacy While Using the Smartphone

Walmart assures its employees that their privacy will be protected while using the new smartphone. It also added that associates will be allowed to use the app's work functions only while they are on the clock.

Holler and Romack added that as retail evolves and rapidly, it is more important than ever to provide our employees with the tools and technology they need for success. They also explained this makes work simpler and more pleasurable. It puts emphasis where it belongs: on providing our customers with a wonderful in-store, pickup, and delivery experience.

Employees may also use their smartphones as personal devices. Walmart stressed that it would not have access to any of its employees' personal data on their handsets, according to a published report in CBS News.

Smartphones are the most recent technology to be used at Walmart shops to improve productivity. Walmart said earlier this year that it will install mini robot-staffed warehouses to dozens of its locations to assist workers in filling orders for pickup and delivery as online shopping increased due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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