Samsung will reportedly release four folding smartphone models next year. The devices will comprise two Z Fold models and two Z Flip models.

Samsung to Release 4 Models

The tech giant has been successful in the foldable smartphone market from the very beginning. Despite the lethargic demand, Samsung is still selling its Z and Fold smartphones, even in the current day.

Samsung is quite doubling down on its folding phone bet in 2021. According to South Korean sources, the tech company already greenlit two Galaxy Z Fold 3 models and another pair of next-in-lines to 2020's Galaxy Z Flip models, reported Sammobile.

There have been numerous rumors associated with Samsung's initiation of a foldable smartphone series next year. Previous news indicated Samsung is gearing up to launch three foldable smartphones, reported Gizchina.

All the smartphones in the series will be released in the second half of 2021.

Both variants will have support for 5G. It was suggested that Samsung is planning to commence the mass production process in August 2021, reported ETNews.

The series would include two "flip-type" smartphones that can be opened up and down and two "fold-type" smartphones that can be opened side to side.

This decision is attracting attention from the global smartphone industry as Samsung Electronics is altering its flagship smartphone technique following its launching of the Galaxy series and the Note series in the first and second half, respectively.

As we are mere weeks away from welcoming 2021, the series of smartphone reports being posted are revving up the news of expectations from some of 2021's smartphone players.

Galaxy Z Fold3 is the descendant of Galaxy Z Fold2 that opens side to side, and it will be a model that aims at the Chinese and global market.

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Galaxy Z Flip2 will be available in upscale and general models.

The 5G connectivity is not a surprising feature considering that we are currently well into the 5G transition.

There has been no report of significant differences between the Fold devices, but ET News claimed the two Z Flip phones would have "different performance and features."

In the first half of 2021, the tech giant will release the flagship Galaxy S, with the expectation that Samsung will release the foldable smartphones in the second half. The Samsung Note series will effectively be superseded by the high-end Galaxy S21 accompanied by an S Pen support.

Possibly to be in agreement with the naming scheme of the Z "Fold3," Samsung could name the other models the "Z Flip3."

It is also reported that the tech giant will include the S Pen support for the more upscale Z Fold3, which many tech enthusiasts have been anticipating since the first Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Z Flip has already sold adequately to keep Samsung's hopes alive. This consideration has probably made the company expand the lineup.

Samsung is also reportedly creating a scroll phone, but it said this is not part of the company's 2021 business plan.

Details about the specifications of the foldable phones have yet to be divulged so we do not know how the models are different from one another.

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