The Coast Guard and Border Patrol stationed in San Diego Bay saved illegal immigrants nearly drowned in San Diego Coast last Sunday. They saved 27 illegal immigrants, but three died in the water because of riptides.

Illegal Immigrants Drown in San Diego Coast

The combined rescue operation of the Border Patrol, Coast Guard, came after an attempt to smuggle illegal immigrants via the sea, ending in three deaths via drownings. While 27 were hurt in the disastrous sea crossing, one was driven to a sea cliff, and 22 were washed ashore, reported USA Today.

One comment by the agencies involved in the humanitarian rescue is that more attempts to enter via US coasts have made it more dangerous.

Last Friday, all the agencies dealing with maritime human smuggling will need more resources than what is at their disposal now. Such resources in coastal land, sea, and air are helicopters and planes with increased patrols. Getting extra resources will mean more funding to pay for increased operations.

On Sunday, the extra equipment and extended manpower came into play when a cabin cruiser was torn apart in the San Diego Coast during rough seas. The operation with the kit was near the Cabrillo National Monument.

According to the rescue officers, the shattered debris of the boat and items belonging to the illegals onboard. About three drowned, and seven were barely alive till rescued. But the official account states that twenty-seven were taken for medical care, with hypothermia and more injuries. These illegal immigrants nearly drowned in San Diego Coast because of the torrid conditions of the sea.

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One source, San Diego Lifeguard Services Lt. Rick Romero, said that people were drowning and sucked by the riptide in the open sea. He said the boat was crushed by the water and waves easily, remarked the New York Post.

A suspected smuggler has been arrested and will face federal charges, while the trafficked people are sent back home.

Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke of the US Border Patrol's San Diego Sector has alerted two days before of a "dramatic increase" in maritime trafficking operations, cited the World News Net.

The agent also remarked in a quote on the One News Page.

"All of these illegal sea crossings are extremely unsafe, and we've seen far too many of them turn catastrophic as traffickers value money instead of the safety of those on board."

He added that when spring and summer come, there is more recreational boating traffic, and human traffickers think it will be the best time to sneak in illegally because it's safer. Heitke expected that law enforcement and public safety agencies would enhance their presence along the San Diego coasts, beaches, and marinas, and San Diego Bay.

Last Thursday, another small wooden boat was with navigation lights 11 miles off the San Diego coast. Authorities intercepted it, and 21 illegal immigrants were caught while two were arrested on federal smuggling charges.

Officials of the Border Patrol and Coast Guard stationed there say when illegal immigrants nearly drowned in San Diego Coast, it is a result of ignoring the dangers.

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