The Houston Police got a tip about a possible kidnapping at a Houston Suburb. On Friday, they found 90 people who are part of a human smuggling case inside a two-story house.

Human smuggling case discovered in a suburb home

Based on a tip received last Thursday, law enforcement in Houston acted fast and began an all-night investigation that could involve kidnapping. The result was a raid by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) on Friday. They got a warrant to search a suspected house located at Houston's southwest side, reported the Blaze.

When Assistant Chief D.B. Edwards told reporters about the raid's aftermath, he said that when they entered the house, what they found was surprising - there were 90 people crammed in the house.

He added it was just a preparation for the criminals involved to start human trafficking. As of this writing, the police will need to investigate this case of trafficking people.

The officer added it was disturbing how the five women and eighty-five men but no kids were all locked and starving in the house on Chessington Drive.

According to KHOU, the individuals were not tied up. One statement said," They were found in basic clothing and were all huddled together in two sections of the two-story home."

Edwards remarked the home was barely furnished aside from the mattresses against the wall where the illegals slept.

Sadly, the police observed that whoever placed the dozens of people inside the house did not bother to feed them. Food had to be provided for those involved in human smuggling cases.

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Many human smuggling victims may be diagnosed with COVID-19, as some have reported high coronavirus fever and loss of taste and smell. The health department evaluated the victims, and police were considering quarantining everyone while they received medical care inside the house.

Fox News reported that the 2,319-square-foot home with five bedrooms and two baths is rented to a single man who is not yet identified.

Most of the neighbors were not aware of that there were 90 individuals inside the home when asked by the authorities.

The assistant chief mentioned in a statement, "We always ask the community if you see something say something ... we all need to work together."

More information reveals that the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) will be collaborating with the Houston Police Department (HPD) to solve the immigrant smuggling case.

A statement from HIS was released to officialy declare an investigation of the smuggling of immigrants.

"HSI is collaborating with the Houston Police Department to probe the alleged stash house located at 12210 Chessington Drive in Houston, Texas."

This case has yet to be confirmed as a case of migrant smuggling. In the meantime, President Joe Biden has come under criticism for rescinding several Trump-era executive actions and also his messaging, given the fact that the president has defended his immigrant response, saying it is more humane than Trump's.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas pledged earlier this week to disrupt human smuggling operations carried out by "coyotes" based in Mexico and Central America, who cause human smuggling cases.

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