The House GOP made the vow if they beat Democrats in the 2022 Midterms, they will resume Trump's legacy-the US-Mexico border wall. When President Biden took office, one of the first things he did was halt the border wall construction, which has led to chaos.

House GOP says US-Mexico border wall is vital for security

Congress Republicans have drawn the line in the sands of the US Borders with Mexico and said they would go all out to win the midterms to save the border states, put up the wall, then stop Democrats from ruining US borders no more, reported Newsmax.

According to the Washington Examiner that reported on Monday, all lower House Republicans were united in recapturing Congress and rebuilt the Trump wall without interference from Democrats.

Predictably President Joe Biden wasted no time suspending the development of new sections of the border wall, one of the former President Donald Trump's most effective means to stem illegal migration, but DEMS were opposed.

In January, the open border was announced and began America's border nightmare. A report by NPR said that precisely on the second day of office on January 21, he stopped Trump's Stay in Mexico program.

The GOP appears to be preparing to make border security a primary campaign concern in the forthcoming midterm elections. The whole border crisis has revealed that Biden cannot solve the border problems like president Trump.

He avoided it in press conferences and even snubbed a question about the border in a recent visit to a private business.

Thousands of child migrants have flocked across the US border, taking refuge since Biden was elected to the presidency, and the problem has become a severe worry among voters. This is a concern why the House GOP wants to start up the US-Mexico border wall.

Democrat Senators Urge Biden to Pay Back Arizona for Expenses Incurred at US Border 

According to the latest Fox News poll of 1,000 registered voters, 46 percent assume the immigration situation is much worse than under Biden compared to under Trump. In contrast, just 15 percent believe it is better, which is questionable.

In the survey, 56% of people blame Biden for every problem or is responsible for Americans' issues because the Left has influenced White House decisions. Too many illegals are straining the resources of the US, and the government is not making anything better.

The reality is that Biden has his most subpar job ratings on border protection, and immigration is motivating Republicans to highlight the situation on the southern border as a significant political issue for the elections next year. This administration does not know what to do, and it is making the president a sitting duck.

Just 34% support his appalling performance on immigration, with 52% disapproving, while the numbers for border protection are nearly identical (35 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove). It shows how badly the White House has done in 100 days, and one of the worst ever.

House Conference Committee Chairwoman Liz Cheney said at the Republican issues retreat in Orlando that every tool to get the job done for the wall is needed. Next will be restoring Trump-era policies reversed by Biden as the principal architect of the chaotic border.

Liz Cheney is vital to the House GOP in restoring work on the US-Mexico border wall, and the wall is one thing she agrees on with Trump. Everything is ready, but the president will not restart the wall.

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