Disturbing news has been reported out of North Korea. Apparently, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has suicide drones at his disposal that threaten his neighbors to the south and parts of the West.

Kim Jong Un and His Suicide Drones Worry South Korea

A report said that the North Korean leader had launched his drones to get information on the west, according to the SunOne of the fears is that leader Kim will use the drones to gain photographic info or use them to attack targets remotely—anytime, anywhere.

According to Daily NK, the Communist regime's military officials have successfully demonstrated the compact drones. North Korean leader Kim has recently discussed the development of military drones as an "important project."

Information gathered by the source says the tests were done in three days, starting April 10 at the City of Guson. According to sources, the experiments were conducted by researchers, engineers, and regime officials.

One of the claims by the North Koreans is these unmanned vehicles are capable of surveillance that extends deep into enemy territory. These autonomous aerial vehicles (UAVs) are certainly dangerous in North Korea's hands.

Another one of the touted capabilities of the North Korean UAVs is how they can attack and perform suicide runs on South Korean troops stationed in the south. Unmanned drones capable of performing reconnaissance over South Korean army bases are said to have already been established by the U.S. and ROK armies.

According to Daily NK, UAVs may also conduct "pincer assaults" on Western targets. Military leaders expected to finish the suicide drone trial by April 1, North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung's birthday, and Kim Jong-un will want to see them.

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On April 14, they allegedly advised regime leaders that the UAVs had achieved "effective final tactical and technical data stability tests." When Kim heard the news, he reportedly sent a message and gave his remarks on a job well done.

These drones were called a significant step by the Supreme Leader towards the military power of the Korean People's Army when combined with missile technology, making Pyongyang a formidable foe.

He heaped praise on the on-site researchers and reviewers, who advanced the cause of North Korea by developing UAVs for planned action coming soon. Indicators say that the drones will be ready and available for use by the Nokor military, the date stated in November.

Although rumored but not verified, the Supreme leader in Pyongyang made sweeping claims that his attack drones can load biological and chemical weapons.

One North Korean defector, known as Jin-myeong Han, an alias, warned that the NoKor UAVs could be sent in and attack Seoul in less than one hour.

Unverified information says that Kim has about 240 nukes and ICBMs that can attack the west at the press of a button; this information has yet to be verified.

A series of studies by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies and the Rand Corp has made the grim prediction that the Supreme leader could have hundreds of nukes and numerous ICBMs by the year 2027.

Kim Jong-Un needs the nukes as an ace in the hole on the Korean Peninsula for both attacking and defensive purposes.

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