On Monday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said claims that say the White House sanction states is untrue. This comes after claims it was president Joe Biden's misplaced statement as he criticized the new voting reform law in Georgia.

White House Sanction States is alleged by administration critics

Critics of President Biden have accused him of expressing support for Major League Baseball (MLB) by relocating its Star game from Georgia, to cancel the state for passing the new voting reform law. The White House defended its position by saying it did not pressure companies to take concrete measures, reported the Epoch Times.

In an official statement by White House press secretary Jen Psaki, to the press.

"We've not asked corporations to take specific actions. That's not our focus here. Our focus is on continuing to convey that it's important that voting is easier, not harder; that when there are laws in place that make it harder, we certainly express opposition to those laws."

A week ago, President Biden mentioned that he'll strongly support transferring the game to another venue. This statement drew controversy from critics who slammed him for such remarks. It was answered back by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Psaki got the transcript from Biden's interview, where he was recorded to have said it. She is quoted as saying that he was not dictating what Major League Baseball should do.

She justified that it was their decision to make, not the president who supports that. Neither does the White House sanction states for what they do like the MLB reaction to Georgia election reform.

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The reaction from the White House was flip-flop on the choice of words about the MLB All-Star-Game. Many reporters are left confused by her answers to their questions.

She was asked if Biden supports the PGA, a professional golf league that hosted the prestigious Masters' Tournament that will be starting in Georgia this week.

The statement is the answer to the question about the Master's Tournament in Georgia, which will start soon. How will the president perceives it as well.

"I'm not here to advocate on anybody, including the president, vice president, or anybody else, to take action in response to the Georgia Election reform. "The president was asked a direct question, and the background of the question was also around the league meeting to address this specific topic, and he responded," she said.

Psaki evaded another question if the president will support any protests from the PGA golfer by boycotting the tournament as a protest against the Georgia election reform. These actions are viewed as sanctions started by the administration for states that don't follow.

One more point against Biden's tactless remark is how much money would be lost by Georgia with the MLB All-Star-Games moves that backlashed to him. According to Cobb county, that will lose $100 million from the president's reckless remark. Did he even consider what would happen by supporting it?

"Again, he was doing an interview. He was given the context, as I just read out to you in full detail, of how the question was asked, and he answered the question," Psaki said, as quoted. She still stressed the White House sanction states is not true, but unfounded claims.

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