North Korea on Friday released a statement taking a swipe at President Joe Biden's condemnation of their recent missile tests. According to North Korean military official Ri Pyong Chol, if the United States continues with its thoughtless remarks without thinking of the repercussions, it may be faced with something not good.

North Korea on Biden's 'Gangster-Like Logic'

The secluded country has accused Washington of denying its right to self-defense. This is even as the U.S. tests advanced weaponry and holds war games at the country's doorstep.

According to Chol, "It's a gangster-like logic that it is allowable for the U.S. to ship the strategic nuclear assets into the Korean peninsula and launch ICBMs any time it wants but not allowable for the DPRK, its belligerent party, to conduct even a test of a tactical weapon," reported Azerbaycan 24.

The comments came after Biden denounced a series of missile launches by Pyongyang, which test-fired numerous newly-developed tactical guided missiles on Thursday. The leader of the free world pledged to respond accordingly if North Korea opted to escalate.

According to North Korea on Saturday, the U.S. administration of Biden had taken a wrong initial step and revealed "deep-seated hostility" by condemning its self-defensive missile test. On Friday, it said it had established a new type of tactical short-range ballistic missile.

Experts stated the flight data issued by South Korea's military and North Korea's depiction of the tests indicated that the North tested a new solid-fuel weapon. It is designated to dodge missile defense systems and is potentially nuclear-capable.

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In defending the missile launches, Ri argued that the guided-missile test was merely an "exercise of the full-fledged right of a sovereign state to self-defense." This is considering that the U.S. and its allies routinely flex their military muscles in the region with harmful war exercises and conveniently arm themselves with advanced weapons.

Ri appeared to reject talks that the rocket launches, all conducted within a week in the run-up to Biden's much-anticipated first solo press conference on Thursday, were designated to send a signal to the U.S. administration. According to the official, they are by no means creating weapons to draw someone's attention or shape his policy, reported R.T.

He stated they express their deep apprehension over the U.S. commander-in-chief faulting the regular test-fire exercise of their state's right to self-defense. Biden deemed it as a violation of the United Nations resolutions. He also accused the Biden government of exploiting all opportunities to incite Pyongyang by branding it as a "security threat."

According to Ri, the test was self-defensive against threats posed by the United States and South Korea with their advanced weapons and joint military exercises. He stated Biden's remarks were an undisguised intrusion on their state's right to provocation and self-defense. 

Regarding North Korea's ballistic missile launch, Biden said, "We're consulting with our allies, our partners, and there will be responses," reported Business Insider.

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