Ben Carson expressed that Trump running in 2024 is welcome for good reasons. A former Trump official carried out policies in housing.

After the acquittal in the second impeachment, the forward motion to 2024 has more speed. The Democrats fueled Trump's bid and the Republicans in the 2022 midterms through their failure to impeach him.

Trumpism is revving up!

According to Ben Carson, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary in Trump's cabinet, the expected run in 2024 is crucial. The stage is almost set to retake the Senate and Lower House; then the White House reported the Epoch Times.

When the Washington Examiner interviewed the ex-Trump official, should Trump make a political comeback, he answers 'Of course,' he and many see Trump as the GOP's future.

One of many whom Trump spoke to in so many days added that his former commander-in-chief is targeting the 2022 midterms to reduce the dominance of Democrats. Another is to keep himself connected to social media and not be shut out again. Choices are to join one platform or to have one that he owns.

Carson says the Democrats are their worst enemy

The ex-Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said that Democrats ensure they will never get in power so quickly again. DEMs show what they can do when in the White House, which was not realized until now. All the actions of the Biden administration are counter-productive, and they are losing support.

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 Trump's run will get support as the DEMS make it easier for whatever happens in the midterms. The resistance exists now, but it will be more significant when the time comes. Over the first days of power, the DEMS act like totalitarian regimes across the world, specifically how the Democrats are launching assaults to diminish all Americans' First Amendment rights.

Carson said that America is the beacon of Democracy for many individuals all over the world. They are running from tyrants ruling nations that want mindless citizens who accept and follow. He criticizes the path of the encroaching Democrats who want more power.

Election integrity

Former secretary Carson started a conservative advocacy group, 'American Cornerstone Institute,' to give conservatives a voice against the left-leaning elements. They are focusing on election integrity which the election allegedly does not have. Many lawsuits have challenged the electoral results for November, but DEMS say there was no fraud.

Adding that election integrity is important as the center of all actions, he said. He warns that election integrity must be recovered as a priority because Democrats are a threat. They are citing their moves to monopolize politics in their favor and dominate.

Polls have found out that Trump is the top choice of GOP voters (73%), which seems to grow more. The DEMS are also willing to do everything to stop him from a 2024 run because people ask leaders to be like Trump.

 Opening the Pandora's box

Another survey from Rasmussen Reports have some interesting insights that should make the DEMS think twice, be the trial. About 42% said the sham trial means nothing to them, leading to never Trumpers gloating over nothing but another 28% have a better opinion of Trump's integrity. Ben Carson is one of many wanting Trump back in the White House.

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