The man who was photographed putting his feet up on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desk during the Capitol Riot on January 6, made a scene during a virtual hearing in a federal court, Thursday.

Reports state that Richard Barnett lashed out at Judge Christopher R. Cooper after it was ruled that he would remain in detention until the next hearing of his case in May. Then, Barnett screamed and yelled that the decision was not fair, as others who were at the riot were already released.

Man Who Puts Feet up on Pelosi's Desk Screams at Judge

In his outburst, the man whose feet were up on Pelosi's desk during the insurrection said that many people who have done much worse have already been allowed to go home. He also added that he has already been in custody for a month and will be extended until his next hearing, while others have already been allowed out, NBC News' Scott McFarlane stated in a tweet.


Meanwhile, Barnett's attorney, Joseph D. McBride, denied that his client's outburst was directed at the judge. McBride explained that his client's frustrations are because of the fact that he is being incarcerated before trial, despite having no criminal records, being a respected member of his community, having gainful employment, and a stable 20-year relationship.

In addition, McBride also told NBC News that in normal situations, these facts are already enough to let a person fight his case outside of police custody. He also defended that due to the lack of in-person communication, as a precaution against COVID-19, he was not able to fully explain the court proceedings to his client.

On the other hand, the District of Columbia's U.S. Attorney's Office did not immediately respond to requests for comments regarding the outburst on Thursday's hearing of the man who placed his feet up on Pelosi's desk.

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In January, Barnett was taken into custody and was charged with federal charges of violent entry and theft of public property, and entering and remaining on restricted grounds. Moreover, he also faces charges of disruptive and disorderly conduct, disrupting official proceedings, and demonstrating, parading, or picketing in a Capitol building, The Insider reported.

Barnett became famous as the man with his feet up on Pelosi's desk after the riot in Capitol Hill after photos of him were widely shared on social media. He was photographed sitting on Pelosi's reclining chair with his feet resting on the House Speaker's table.

He also spoke to a New York Times reporter who tweeted about their conversation and said that he took an envelope from Pelosi's desk. He, however, insisted that he did not steal it as he left a quarter for it in exchange.

In addition, Barnett claimed that before he was photographed with his feet up on Pelosi's desk, he knocked politely on the door of the Democrat, but he was carried inside by people who have breached the Capitol. He also admitted leaving a "nasty note" on the House Speaker's desk.

As of the moment, there have been no comments yet from Judge cooper regarding Barnett's outburst.

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